Scotch College Pipe Band

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We had a rehearsal in the afternoon just beforehand. And that went really well. He was real professional gentleman to work with. All the kids were very excited. I think some of them didn’t really know who he was. I had to explain “you know, a band called The Beatles”. I think their parents were more excited than they were actually. […] And you know, I’ve got Paul McCartney who thanked me for being a piper and eventually a bagpipe teacher because I heard Mull Of Kintyre on the radio as a kid… I was about eight years old… And that’s why I decided to learn the bagpipes. So it’s an amazing experience to come full circle and to play with him on stage, that song.

Mark Saul – in charge of the pipe band program at Scotch College – from Paul McCartney and the Scotch College Pipe Band – Breakfast – ABC Radio, December 6, 2017


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