The Nerk Twins

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John and I were kids, before the Beatles, and we hitchhiked down to the house of my cousin Betty, she and her husband Mike had a pub in a place called Reading. And we wanted to go down on a week’s holiday and they said ‘well come down here’, so we hitchhiked down, we had no money. So we worked in the bar and we played around (air strums), we took our guitars so we were taking the opportunity during the day to goof around and play and my cousin Mike, he’d say — he was a kinda entertainmenty guy, he’d been on the stage himself, he’d done a bit of stuff, and he said do you wanna sing at the bar, do you wanna play on Saturday night? And we said yeah, sure! So he said well ok, let’s work out what you’re going to do, so we said ok, we’ll open with Be-Bop A Lula which is an early Jean Vincent record. He said no, no, you can’t open with that, he said it’s got to be instrumental and it’s got to be fast, that’s an opener. We said ‘what?’ He said, do you know any instrumentals that are fast? I said well yeah, we know How High the Moon no! – The World Waiting for the Sunrise.

Paul McCartney, from CNN interview, August 2010

Last updated on November 21, 2020


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Geoff 1 year ago

As Paul has now presumably run out of John Lennon demos to turn into new Beatles tracks,with all 4 contributing, what if he were to resurrect The Nerk Twins if Yoko allowed him to add his and Ringo's input to India ?

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