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From Club Sandwich, No 17, 1980:

Tony Dorsey, 38 years old trombonist and arranger, comes from Macon, Georgia, where he lives with his wife Mary and daughters Tanzy and April. He studied music at university with of the aim of becoming a music teacher, but discovered that he could make more money “selling pencils in New York”. He then joined the U.S. Air Force as a trombonist in the band and ended up as their arranger. After four years in the Air Force, he joined Jo Tex’s band. “I was twenty-five and wanted to travel around and I’ve been travelling ever since.”

Tony formed his own band called Magic which featured his wife as lead vocalist. He was working in Nashville for Dial Records doing some horn and string arrangements for them when Paul McCartney came in to do some rehearsing. Tony received a call from Paul asking if he’d like to do some arrangements, which was the start of his association with Wings.

Since the last Wings tour, Tony has concentrated on his own R & B eight piece band, Bone, Holmes and Friends. It features Tony’s wife Mary as one of the three woman vocalists, whose voice is reminiscent of Aretha Franklin’s. Tony plays trombone and keyboards. The group has been playing at college fraternities and sororities in the South-eastern states, while gathering more original material and looking out for a recording contract.

Photo from Club Sandwich, No 17, 1980 – Here’s the horn section backstage at Wembley [1979 tour]. Left to right: Steve Howard, Thaddeus Richard, Howie Casey, Tony Dorsey
From Beatles Photo Blog
From Beatles Photo Blog

Albums, EPs & singles which Tony Dorsey contributed to

Walking In The Park With Eloise / Bridge On The River Suite

By The Country Hams • 7" Single

Contribution: Brass arrangement • 1 songs

Venus and Mars

By Wings • Official album

Contribution: Clarinet, Strings arrangement • 9 songs

Listen To What The Man Said / Love In Song

By Wings • 7" Single

Contribution: Strings arrangement • 2 songs

Letting Go / You Gave Me The Answer

By Wings • 7" Single

Contribution: Strings arrangement • 2 songs

Venus And Mars / Rock Show / Magneto And Titanium Man

By Wings • 7" Single

Contribution: Clarinet • 1 songs

Wings At The Speed Of Sound

By Wings • Official album

Contribution: Flutes, Horns, String arrangements • 5 songs

Wings Over America

By Wings • Official live

Contribution: Tambourine, Trombone • 13 songs

Silly Love Songs / Cook Of The House

By Paul McCartney • 7" Single

Contribution: Horns, String arrangements • 2 songs

Let 'Em In / Beware My Love

By Wings • 7" Single

Contribution: Flutes, Horns • 1 songs

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