Here's To The Nights

Promotional film • For Ringo Starr
Timeline This film has been released in 2020
Release date:
Dec 18, 2020

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The music video for Ringo Starr’s song “Here’s To The Nights” was released on streaming platforms on December 18, 2020, the day of the release of the album “McCartney III“. It features Paul McCartney recording some background vocals for the song, from his Hog Hill Mill studio.

From Rolling Stone, December 16, 2020:

Your friend Paul McCartney is in your new video. He has his own record coming out, McCartney III.

He does, yeah — he’s playing everything. This is Phase Three for him, or Series Three, and it only took him 50 years. I got up with him at Dodger Stadium here. We’re good pals. If he’s in town, he comes, and if I’m making a record, I usually keep a track for him. He’s still the most brilliant bass player in my life. There’s a lot of really good players out there, but I don’t know any that are as melodic as him, and he understands it right away. When we were in the band together, we did have to have a few little talks, like the bass player and drummer, so we wouldn’t step on each other. But if we stepped on each other twice, that was a lot.

Ringo Starr


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