• For Paul McCartney • Directed by Robin Bextor

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Brian Wilson: [Paul] came in with Derek Taylor to a studio that we were in one night in 1967, and it was on that night that he played for my wife and I “She’s leaving home”. My wife cried and everyone was in tears, you know… But when he walked in, he had these beautiful patent leather shoes and a white suit… He looked so cool you know and we said “you want some vegetables?” We were cutting a song called “Vegetables”, we were all chewing on vegetables just to get the mood, and he started chewing on a carrot…

Paul McCartney: [Laugh] I don’t know, there might have been substances involved, it might have happened, I don’t know. I don’t remember it all, I must say, particularly some of those dark nights in LA… You know, you just sometimes would fall out of a car into a room, it would be very dark and I’m not sure if I remember it… I did visit a couple of those sessions but I don’t remember eating veggie, but I’m sure I might have.

From “McCartney” documentary by Robin Bextor, 2001


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