My Brave Face

Promotional film • For Paul McCartney • Directed by Roger Lunn
Timeline This film has been released in 1989
Filming date:
April 1989

Related song

My Brave Face

Officially appears on Flowers In The Dirt

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From Wikipedia:

The music video for “My Brave Face” was shot in April 1989, directed by Roger Lunn. It was frequently seen on video channels that year, and was released in 2007 on the three disc collection The McCartney Years. It features a Japanese McCartney-fanatic who acquires McCartney memorabilia, films, and audio by means of robbery, and, allegedly, through Sotheby’s. The video was shot in both black-and-white and in colour, and it features rare videos of him with The Beatles as well as with Wings. There is a video of him and the rest of the Beatles doing the Charleston, and him and Linda (as well as a visible Joe English in the background) being greeted by people in New Orleans. In the end, the Japanese fanatic gets arrested, and a clip of McCartney looking in the camera is shown, with 2007 McCartney voicing-over on the audio commentary, “What did you expect?” The video earned a nomination in “Best Video” category on the 1990 Brit Awards.

From paulmccartney.comPaul and Linda McCartney on set at the video shoot for ‘My Brave Face’, Liverpool, 1989. Photo by Peter Kernot.

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