Interview for The Sun • Thursday, November 1, 2001

Interview for the Sun

Interview of Paul McCartney
Published by:
The Sun
Interview by:
Dominic Mohan
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Album This interview has been made to promote the Driving Rain Official album.

Master release

Songs mentioned in this interview

From A Lover To A Friend

Officially appears on Driving Rain

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[…] Paul’s new album Driving Rain, out on Monday, is littered with references to Heather [Mills] and Linda. It includes the ballad From a Lover to a Friend, which features the poignant line “Let me love again.”

Paul went on: “That song could be about my situation with Heather and perhaps subconsciously it is. I’m happy for it to mean that but I don’t mind what people think.

“You can’t help when you fall in love — when it happens, it happens. When I first started with Linda, John Lennon, like a lot of people, said, ‘I’m surprised by your choice, are you sure?’

“And I said yes, ‘I’m surprised by yours too’ and we had a little laugh. But we both agreed you can’t tell who you fall for.”


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