Interview in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire • Friday, November 29, 1963

Interview of Paul McCartney
Interview by:
Gordon Kaye
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Huddersfield • ABC Cinema • United Kingdom

Nov 29, 1963 • United Kingdom • Huddersfield • ABC Cinema

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Q: “What do you think of (the fans) coming in and then screaming..?”

GEORGE: “Well, they’ve payed the money so they can scream, can’t they. I mean, if they haven’t payed and they were screaming, it’d be a liberty, wouldn’t it!”

(Beatles laugh)

PAUL: “Oh aye, oh aye.”

RINGO: “Would, that, Georgie.”

Q: “What is your, sort of, ‘perfect touch’ in music? Beethoven, for instance?”

GEORGE: “No. I like trad jazz, you know, Kenny Ball and all that.”

PAUL: (to George) “You don’t… you told me you didn’t.”

GEORGE: “I do. I changed. Washington Square, got it.”

Q: “Now then, let’s know a little bit about your personal life. What do you like to do in your spare time when you get it?”

PAUL: “Spare time? Ehh, Go to the pictures or watch telly, or umm read. (laughs) Read comics, you know.”

(Beatles giggle)

Q: “What sort of films do you like?”

PAUL: “What sort of films… uhh, just ordinary films like ‘The Trial,’ ‘The Servants.'”

(Beatles laugh)

PAUL: (laughing, jokingly) “Just ordinary, you know… Love Walt Disney. You know, ‘The Trial’ by Walt Disney.”

Q: “Mmm.”

PAUL: “It’s great.”

Q: “What sort of music do you like personally?”

PAUL: “Just, I like everybody else. Stravinsky, Beethoven, all that.”

(Beatles laugh)

PAUL: (laughs) “No, American groups actually, I listen to.”

Q: “Female groups..?”

PAUL: “But mainly American records generally.”

Q: “Now then George, what do YOU like to do on your spare time?”

GEORGE: “Umm. (pause) Well, I umm, uhh. (to the others) What do I do?”

PAUL: “What does he do? I’ll tell ya what George does. He goes to the pictures.”

GEORGE: “I go to the pictures, yeah.”

PAUL: “He reads Tolstoy.”

GEORGE: “I read Telstar.”

PAUL: “Tolstoy.”

GEORGE: “And umm…”

RINGO: “Beethoven’s poems.”

(Beatles laugh)

GEORGE: “And play records and play the banjo!”

PAUL: “Beethoven’s poems.”

Q: (laughs) “What have you got ambitions in, George?

GEORGE: “Umm, to join the Navy.”

JOHN: (laughs)

GEORGE: “I want to join the Navy and be a lieutenant commander on HMS Queen Victoria.”

Q: (to the group, regarding their upcoming TV appearance in December) “You’ve never been on ‘Juke Box Jury’ before?”

RINGO: “Oh no. John’s been on.”

JOHN: (yelling, from a distance) “I’VE been ON! I was ON!”

Q: “How long?”

JOHN: “For twenty minutes!!”



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