Interview for Kenny & Cash Show • Saturday, November 24, 1973

Interview for Kenny & Cash Show

Radio interview • Interview of Paul McCartney
Kenny & Cash Show
Published by:
Capitol Radio
Interview by:
Dave Cash / Kenny Everett
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Dave Cash: What is this bit of paper, this amazing piece of paper from the Supreme Court in the state of New York? Is this for me?

Paul: No, this is for me. On the way in, just now, I got handed it by a man who didn’t want to embarrass me. It’s a writ for $20 million.

Dave Cash: Is that all? Hold on, we’ve got petty cash out there… That’s amazing! Is that what it looks like, a writ for $20 million?

Paul: Yes.

Kenny Everett: Can I have a sip of your coffee, Paul?

Paul: Yes, Kenny.

Kenny Everett: Just so I can say my lips have touched the bowl.

Paul: Oh, shut up!

Everett: I’ll never wash my lips again. So, tell us about your new LP.

From Record Mirror – December 8, 1973

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