Interview for ITN • Wednesday, August 10, 1966

Interview with ITN

TV interview • Interview of Paul McCartney
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Blandford Street, London, UK

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In May 1965, The Beatles filmed exterior scenes for their film “Help! near the Rajahama Indian restaurant on Blandford Street in London.

More than a year later, on August 10, 1966, the day before their departure to the United States for their US tour, an ITN reporter caught up with The Beatles on the same street and got a few words from Paul McCartney before the band got into their waiting car.

Jörg Pipper and Volker Path, in their book “The Beatles – Film & TV Chronicles (1961-1970)“, report the brief exchange.

Reporter: Paul, what kind of reception do you expect in the United States?

Paul: A fine reception I expect.

Reporter: You do? Do you think you’re right in going over there this time of the year?

Paul: Oh yes, lovely, the climate is fine…

Reporter: You’re looking forward to it, are you?

Paul: Yes… See you.

From Rest Day – The Beatles History (

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