Interview for MOJO • July 2001

Life After The Bastards: 30 years on, Macca tells all

Press interview • Interview of Paul McCartney


Piss off, cake. Like, a piece of cake becomes piss off cake, And it’s nothing, it’s so harmless really, just little digs. But the first line is about “too many people preaching practices.” I felt John and Yoko were telling everyone what to do. And I felt we didn’t need to be told what to do. The whole tenor of the Beatles thing had been, like, each to his own. Freedom. Suddenly it was “You should do this.” It was just a bit the wagging finger, and I was pissed off with it. So that one got to be a thing about them.

Paul McCartney, Mojo, 2001

“Uncle Albert/Admiral Hasley” was an epic thing, a Number 1 in America, surprisingly enough. I like the little bit that breaks in: “Admiral Hasley notified me, da-da-da, had a cup of tea and a butter pie.” It’s a bit surreal, but I was in a very free mood, and looking back I like all of that. It must have freaked a few people, cause it was quite daft.

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