Press conference • Saturday, May 12, 1973

Press conference • Interview of Paul McCartney

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Oxford • New Theatre • United Kingdom

May 12, 1973 • United Kingdom • Oxford • New Theatre

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Prior to the start of the concert at Oxford’s New Theatre, Paul and Wings hold a press conference for 40 journalists, some from as far away as New Jersey, many of whom had been specially ferried in on buses from London at the expense of EMI. Instead of the evening becoming, for the journalists, just another job, Paul has invited them to bring along their wives or girlfriends. Besides ducking from the tiresome “When are The Beatles going to get together again?” questions, Paul is asked, “Why did you do the Ringo song?” a referral to the track ‘Six O’Clock’ on the Ringo album. “I would do it for any friend,” Paul replies. “I would do it for Rod Stewart if he rang up …” (When Rod is told of this quote, he promptly rings Paul, and asks him to “write me a song then!” The song will become ‘Mine For Me’, released in 1974)

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