Sixx Days with Sir Paul McCartney • October 7 - 11, 2013

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From Sixx Days with Sir Paul McCartney | 105.9 The Mountain:

This week on Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx, national radio host and rock icon Nikki Sixx and co-host Kerri Kasem will debut a candid, six-part interview special with music legend Sir Paul McCartney entitled Sixx Days with Sir Paul McCartney.  The former Beatle, who recently met and sat down for an exclusive chat with Sixx, will discuss the making of his forthcoming 24th solo album, NEW, including the songs “Early Days,” “Queenie Eye” and “Save Us”; why he loves and is terrified to be in the studio; being “Stella’s dad”; and much more

To hear Sixx Days with Sir Paul McCartney, tune in to Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx all this week, October 7 – 11, at 7 p.m. local time.  In addition, highlights from the interview will air on Monday, October 14, at 11 p.m. local time.

From Nikki Sixx Talks Motley Crue’s Farewell – Rolling Stone:

Nikki Sixx: I just interviewed Paul McCartney for my radio show, Sixx Sense, last week and I got to spend a lot of time with his new record. When we talked, that was so important to him that I listened to his record, I knew the songs.

Had you ever met him before?

Nikki Sixx: No, it was the first time we ever met. I love musicians, I love rock & roll. When you put the two together and it’s bands that have been a soundtrack for my life, it’s exciting for me. And what happens for me is we just have conversations. I’m not so awestruck as much as I’m excited to talk about music. For me, it was nice talking to McCartney because I mentioned a couple of things to him on a song “Early Days,” and how it sounded and felt vulnerable, and that’s why the song reached out to me. And he was able, as a musician and a guy who’s probably pretty close to a perfectionist in the studio, to say, “It’s really interesting you said that because I didn’t want to keep it, I wanted to go in and re-sing it and maybe make it a little bit better. But the producer I was working with said, ‘No, that’s what’s beautiful about it, it’s so vulnerable.’” And on that level we were able to connect, and I think that’s what happens when fans of music or a musician like myself am able to talk to another musician. It’s not like a sales pitch at that point, you’re just talking music. 

From Twitter – Paul McCartney, Kerri Kasem, Nikki Sixx

Sixx: “‘Early Days,’ my favorite song on the record, just jumped out. Gimme a little back story on that one.  By the way, I wanted to say, your voice, it sounds very vulnerable.  It’s almost like you were just sitting there telling a story. It was fascinating.”

McCartney: “Well, it’s interesting you should say that because that was when I started to work with Ethan Johns. …I came in with the song, which I had already written, and it’s basically a little acoustic thing and it’s me remembering, basically me and John when we were just two kids, before we’d started The Beatles, before we’d gotten on as song writers, so you know, I’m really going back to kind of very early days….So I just sat in the middle of the studio and sang it and he said ‘great.’ I said ‘ok, now let’s kind of look at the vocal, because it’s a little bit, you know,’ like you said, ‘vulnerable.’ I would have said dodgy, a little bit, maybe it’s not the greatest vocal. And he said, ‘no, no, no, you gotta leave it. That’s what’s good about it.  It’s just you,’ and I said ‘I didn’t sing that word too well, you know I’m doing a falsetto, a bit croaky or something.’ And he said, ‘It’s ok man, that’s how this song has got to be sung’…thankfully I listened to him and thankfully you like it.”


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