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XFM Breakfast with Jon Holmes

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Jon Holmes
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From Jon Holmes (XFM, 2013-2015) podcast | Fourble:

Prior to the rebrand as “Radio X”, as which is currently operates, XFM was Global’s indie and alternative station. Jon Holmes took over from Danny Wallace as breakfast presenter at the start of 2013 and presented for two and a half years before being bumped off to Weekend Breakfast when the station was rebranded. He didn’t stay long after this and soon moved to the latest incarnation of TalkRadio. I’ve also included the eight weekend breakfast podcasts too.

“I remember many years ago I was just chatting to John, John Lennon, and out of the blue he said ‘I wonder how people are going to think about me when I’m dead?’,” Sir Paul told XFM’s Jon Holmes.
“I said ‘well, you’re mad. Number one, you’re not going to care because you’re gonna be dead. Number two, they’re gonna love you, just look at what you’ve done, you are fantastic’.

“I had to kind of reassure him and I thought after it, ‘God, it’s pathetic. Why would John need to be told that after all he’d done everything with The Beatles?’  But I’m afraid I think it’s a human thing.”

Macca admitted it isn’t just his late band-mate who suffers from a lack of awareness of the extent to which people worship them.
“I don’t really realise how people think about me as because I only have my own circle of friends and I know what they think of me – my family and stuff – they don’t like me. [laughs].

“I’m actually constantly surprised. It’s amazing.”
Sir Paul’s new album New came out on Monday – to critical approval – but he told Jon he tries to avoid reading reviews.

“You should never do it because the next day you’re going to have go and do something, you’re going to play somewhere and you just go in and think ‘I’m no good’, because this guy thinks I’m no good.

“It’s pathetic, it really is. I know a lot of people who are famous and have done loads of great things and it is common.”

I was a delivery driver’s mate and I had another job as a coil winder at Massy and Coggins. I tell you how the song came to be. I was looking through an art catalogue and I just happened to se this picture by Damien Hirst and I looked for the title of it and it said “On My Way To Work”. So it’s actually Damien’s title. And I wasn’t really thinking anything, but then I thought ‘Oh, but that is a good song title’. What does that mean to me? And it immediately took me back and it all came to me immediately. Once I knew I was gonna actually just have some thoughts about going to a job, like my first job after school, then I knew I would always take the bus. It was a big green double-decker just like we had in Liverpool. And then other thoughts came in. The second verse is me buying a nudy magazine. So it was just this period when you did all of that. And then what was interesting, the chorus became a little bit more intense: “But all the time I thought of you, how far away the future seemed”. That kind of went with that period for me of not having met someone you’d fall in love with.


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