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Yes, during a conversation with a band member, my friend and myself were told that the band had an unofficial name in 2013. Initially, it was offered so casually, that we had not thought that it was any sort of secret.

Well, we both had traveled to see both Orlando shows (5/18 & 5/19 ) at the Amway Center. We built a few days before the shows to enjoy some of the attractions in the area. While out, we saw a shirt with that name on it and bought matching shirts for the band. At the first show, I was able to get one of the staff that we are friendly with to deliver the package backstage with a note saying how funny it would be for them to wear it at the next day’s soundcheck.

At some point , we both received private messages from that band member to please keep the unofficial name to ourselves ( that night or morning after 1st show). It became quickly apparent that, it appears that the boss did not know of this name and really just used jokingly amongst the band members themselves. So we both promised not to divulge it. That is now 10 years and change , and I’ve kept it

One day when the band is no longer employed by Paul and touring no longer an option, I’ll tell the story. At that point, I’d guess folks will say….gee, so what was the big deal and I’d agree

What I will say is ,that the member in question has always been kind, generous and candid in his communications with me for 15 years so I was/ and still am, inclined to keep my promise.

I have no idea whether the band call themselves this name any longer but, I have not asked about it in a long time but going by the message we got, I rend to believe that it probably is not.

Well, just a little backdrop of that story that I don’t recall telling prior.

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