"Flaming Pie" sessions with Jeff Lynne at Hog Hill Mill #2

February 1996 • For Paul McCartney

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the Flaming Pie Official album.
Hog Hill Studio, Rye, UK

Songs recorded


The Song We Were Singing

Written by Paul McCartney

Recording • Overdubs ?


The World Tonight

Written by Paul McCartney

Recording • Overdubs ?


Little Willow

Written by Paul McCartney

Recording • Overdubs ?



Written by Paul McCartney

Recording • Overdubs ?


Flaming Pie

Written by Paul McCartney

Recording • Home recording

Album Released on bootleg Flaming Pie - Ultimate Archive Collection



Started Feb 19, 1996Recording "Souvenir"


Production staff

Paul McCartney:
Jeff Lynne:
Geoff Emerick:
Jon Jacobs:


Fancy doing some more?

Paul McCartney to Jeff Lynne, according to Jeff Lyne – 2020 Flaming Pie Archive Collection book

The “Flaming Pie” sessions restarted in February 1996, again with Jeff Lynne. Here is how the work routine developed:

Paul would usually play me a new song on guitar or piano so I could learn it and play along with him. We decided to play a lot of lead and rhythm guitars in unison and we enjoyed the sound that we were making. Sometimes we would play old Beatles instruments like the harpsichord and the spinet. At the end of the session each day we would go back to Paul and Linda’s to listen to the day’s work and think of ideas for the next day. I loved Paul’s studio overlooking the sea. It was an inspiring place to record.

Jeff Lynne- 2020 Flaming Pie Archive Collection book

During those sessions, they continued the work on the tracks they had recorded in November. They also recorded two new songs – “Souvenir” and “Flaming Pie“.

From elodiscovery
From Paul McCartney Facebook account – Jon Jacobs, John Hammel, Eddie Klein, Paul McCartney, Keith Smith, Geoff Emerick, at The Mill, 1996
From Facebook – @jefflynneselo & @paulmccartney recording guitars in the control room at Hog Hill Mill in late 1995 or 1996 during the ‘Flaming Pie’ sessions. Photos show that Jeff & Paul recorded a lot of their guitars for ‘Flaming Pie’ like this.
Jeff is playing a @music_man Silhouette, and Paul is playing his sunburst 1960 @gibsonguitar Les Paul Standard. Serial no. 0 1182. There are only four known left handed sunburst Les Paul’s from 1959-1960, which made this guitar one of the most rare and valuable guitars in the world even before it was owned by Sir Paul. www.hoghillmillblog.com
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