Recording "C Moon"

Saturday, September 2, 1972 • For Paul McCartney

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the Hi, Hi, Hi / C Moon 7" Single.
Morgan Studios, London, UK

Songs recorded


C Moon

Written by Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney



Production staff

Mike Bobak:
Recording engineer


September 1, 1972

[…] Anyway, in the midst of our conversation, Pattie and Kathy came to inform us that the previous day, they’d helped a couple guys push a stalled car down Circus Road.  When they passed Cavendish, one of the guys happened to mention that one Paul McCartney “lives on that very street!” (No!!!) And, that they’d seen one P.M., wife Linda, and their band of Wings at “Morgan Studio.”  Decided that fate had dropped this precious bit of information into our laps, we decided to join forces the following day, and seek this place out.

So bring and early (about 1pm) on Friday, September 1 (1972), the five of us met on the corner of Cavendish to begin our search.  Luck apparently decided to accompany us, for we managed to find the right Tube stop (thanks to Marla!), and there, a guy who knew where the studio was and put us on a bus; after which a kindly little old lady lead us through a maze of residential streets and right to the door.

And there was Morgan Studios — home base for an impressive list of rock stars, which includes Rod Stewart, Cat Stevens, Led Zeppelin, Lulu, the Bee Gees and the Kinks (not to mention the occasional Wings’ session), located in the middle of a residential neighborhood and on two sides of the streets.  Quite casually, Marla and Kathy strolled inside and inquired if McCartney or George were booked to record and staggered out seconds later:  Yes indeed, McCartney and Co. were to record that very day!  Wings were already there and the Macs due shortly!!

We crossed over to the left side to wait-  in time to see the Wings emerge from the building.  “Left”  (or Henry!  These Wings get very confusing when you get them all together!  So we designated them as “Left,”  “Right” and “Other Right.) wearing the very overalls they wore on Flip Wilson and a strange-looking four=cornered hat, which quite reminded one of a jester’s cap!  They seemed a bit surprised to see us, but we remained “coolly unimpressed” as they started across the street and went on the other side. […]

Written by Kris S. – From “With a Little Help from my Friends” fanzine, April 1973 (From Meet the Beatles for Real: The Last Chapter in the Exicitng Adventures of Morgan Studios)

September 3, 1972

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for the four of us to grow sufficiently board and decide to return to Morgan.  So it was back to the tubes and trains again.  At Morgan, Mr. Mac and Co were still present, so after a quick meal, we settled down to what was to be probably the coldest night of our lives.   We waited…and waited..passing time, chatting with studio personnel. We were treated very kindly by Sid, the weekend security guard, who has since become one of the dearest friends we’ve ever had and probably the kindest man I’ve ever known.  He brought the freezing Americans tea, and at one point, as it grew later and later, even asked Paul to come out and say hello to us!  Paul was quite agreeable — but no sooner reached the door when Mrs. Mac seized upon him because “We only have 5 minutes for a tea break!”  Ah well–thanks anyway Sid; you tried!  As it turned out, so did we; we really did!  in the time between 8pm and 2:30am, we encountered a number of people, among them Lulu and Maurice Gibb.  Lulu was very sweet and kept telling us, “He’ll be out soon!”   Near 10, a white Corvette pulled up and out popped two long-haired gents, who settled down for a chat with “the waiters,” who quite amiably gabbed away with them.  Then at one point, we were asked had we ever seen Led Zepplin.  “Oh yeah,” says Marla, “We saw them in Cleveland,”  “Ah, yes,” says our friend.  “I remember Cleveland!”  Says me, “Oh yes, they were with Grand Funk!”  And sternly, from our friend:  “Grand Funk were with US!”  Kris:  “Do you mean you’re you?”  And Patti:  “Gee, are you Led Zepplin?”  It was indeed embarrassment!  But I’ll never forget reading a Melody Maker interview with Paul last December in which he spoke of that night at Morgan:  “It was a crazy night! John Bonham was there….we did C’Moon.”  He should only know how crazy it was!

It was not only musical people who approached us innocent by-standers; one crew cut fellow asked Kathy and Marla if they had any hash!  Then there was the drunk little Polish man who told his life story, kissed Patti’s “beautiful blonde hair,” flung his hat to the ground in a grand emphatic gesture and declared, “Don’t worry!  I get another one tomorrow!”  When local young people stopped to chat, they were kindly requested ot leave while we were left alone. 

We really had a good time but it got colder and colder.  Poor Kathy had her frozen sandaled feet in her purse and I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever been so cold.  At 2:30, our stamina gave way; we just couldn’t endure another minute!  If we had, McCartney would’ve stumbled over our frozen bodies and I’m sure he wouldn’t have appreciated that!  The taxi was a very welcome sight that night!

Written by Kris S. – From “With a Little Help from my Friends” fanzine, December 1973 (From Meet the Beatles for Real: The Last Chapter in the Exicitng Adventures of Morgan Studios)

This day, our last full day in London, and Wings’ last day at Morgan, was, typically, “one of those days.”   As usual, we were late because of feeding our faces, but who would’ve thought Mr. Mac would turn up on time?  He got there at 2:30 and we arrived at 3.  Ah well, all was not lost; even if we missed him, our little friend, Jane, hadn’t, though after what she told us we’d missed, it’s a good thin the River Thames was immediately handy!  Apparently, Paul and run down the street and jumped over her little brother who was riding his tricycle.  He then patted them both on the head, and said “Good Morning.”  Jane did an imitation of the famous McCartney run which was priceless and made us just sick!  The one thing we’d wanted to see — McCartney run — and we’d missed it!

We settled ourselves down by the “left side” to wait, giggling as Jane “ran” up and down the street munching disconsolately on potato chips which “Right” kept helping himself to between trips to the truck.  About 5, we were given advance warning that their dinner was ready and out they popped.  Pau greeted as with his cheery, “Hi group!” and bopped on across the street.  He was wearing tan pants and a red and white striped t-shirt, looking, as usual, very well!!   They were gone only half an hour or so, but when they came back, our attention was focused on Patti who was tumbling all over the sidewalk trying on Jane’s clogs, since Jane had taken off with her shoes!  We laughed even harder when we saw McCartney and Patti narrowly missed knocking into him (he was carrying a Coke and a glass of milk).  Poor girl!  I don’t’ think she’s recovered yet from that embarrassing moment!  However, at the time, Paul was more concerned with a problem of his own, which really broke us up — they were locked out of the studio!  We couldn’t get over it:  Paul McCartney locked out of his own studio!  He just stood there, milk and Coke in hand, looking as though he were thinking, “Oh God, why is this happening to me?”  While someone ran off to hunt up the key, we assured them that WE hadn’t done it!  At one point, I looked at McCartney, realizing, I guess, that it’d be the last time I’d see him, and for just a second, his glance met mine.  That gives you the weirdest feeling…

At this time we noticed that there seemed to be a funny kind of atmosphere; no one was talking to each other and the other members of the group appeared to be a bit uncomfortable.  Then someone returned with the key and they went on it.

It was a tough decision to make, but we decided if things weren’t going too well, it might be better for us to leave.  Neither Paul nor Linda had looked too happy when they’d gone in, though we were just guessing as far as that went.  But, as I would always say, better safe than sorry, and we big good ole Morgan a fond adieu, after taking the last batch of pictures by the Lamborghini.  Gee, Paul, you’ll never forget the picture you took of the five of us by your car!  Neither will we!

Written by Kris S. – From “With a Little Help from my Friends” fanzine, December 1973 (From Meet the Beatles for Real: The Last Chapter in the Exicitng Adventures of Morgan Studios)
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