Recording "Hope For The Future" at AIR Studios

2012 or 2013 ? • For Paul McCartney

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the Hope For The Future (Digital EP) EP.
AIR Studios, London, UK

Songs recorded


Hope For The Future

Written by Paul McCartney



Production staff

Giles Martin:
Sam Okell:
Recording engineer


Hope For The Future” was produced by Giles Martin, son of George. First tracks were laid down at Hog Hill Mill studio (unknown date, but likely in 2012), before further recording took place at Avatar Studio in September 2012. Some orchestral and choral overdubs were also added at Abbey Road Studios in late November 2012. Credit details also mentioned some work at AIR Studios (with unknown dates – 2012 or 2013?).

While the contribution of Paul McCartney on the “Destiny” soundtrack was mostly over by the end of 2012, it’s likely some work continued in 2013 (at least some mixing efforts), before the release of the track at the end of 2014.

[Paul McCartney and I] didn’t work directly again after November 2012, although we spoke on the phone. I did return to Abbey Road and Giles played me a new mix of Hope for the Future in September 2013.

Martin O’Donnell – Interview courtesy with Marty O’Donnell for The Paul McCartney Project, December 2020
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