The Paul McCartney Project

Recording "New Moon Over Jamaica"

May 09, 1988 • For Johnny Cash

Part of

"Flowers In The Dirt" session #4

April - July 1988 • Songs recorded during this session appear on Flowers In The Dirt

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the Water from the Wells of Home Official album.
Timeline More from year 1988
Hog Hill Studio, Rye, UK

Some songs from this session appear on:

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From Club Sandwich N°50, Autumn 1988:

The memorable session for ‘New Moon Over Jamaica’ took place at Paul’s Sussex studio on Monday, 9th May and, luckily for Club Sandwich, two impeccable witnesses have given us their accounts.

First John Hammel, trusty keeper of Paul’s guitars among other gear:

Johnny and Paul had demos of the song beforehand. When he arrived, Johnny got his guitar out, chatted to Paul and they played other tunes together. Johnny’s wife, June Carter Cash, played autoharp which I tuned for her. It was a really nice session.

Next studio boffin Eddie Klein, who explained the autoharp to your correspondent:

You press a button to get a chord — hence the ‘auto’ in the name — and stroke the strings like a zither. The button automatically damps the strings which aren’t needed for the chord.

It was Johnny Cash’s one day off on his tour and he was great, but quite tired. It was a very relaxed session. Paul played the Hofner violin bass and he and Hamish Stuart played electric and acoustic guitars. Chris Whitten played drums and he and Hamish joined in the background chanting.

Johnny was taking the masters back, but there wasn’t time to do them that night. I took them to his Brighton gig the next day and saw the gig from the side of the stage, which was great for me ’cause I’m a big fan.

More info. June and Linda also sang back-up, with additional vocals by Tom T. Hall being added later in Nashville. Paul produced, with Geoff Emerick from Beatles days and Matt Butler from Press To Play as engineers.

Songs recorded



Production staff

Geoff Emerick:
Matt Butler:
Assistant engineer


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