Rehearsals with the Rolling Stones

Tuesday, September 10, 1963 • For The Rolling Stones

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On Friday 10 September, they rehearsed at Studio 51 in Soho.

On Tuesday 10 September, Andrew [Oldham] arrived at our rehearsal with John Lennon and Paul McCartney. They played “I Wanna Be Your Man.” It was to be our next single.

Mick said, “We didn’t think that the Beatles would be prepared to give us one of their best numbers.” It probably was not their best, but cutting a Beatles song was certainly going to do us no harm.

Bill Wyman – From “Rolling With The Stones“, 2003

Mid-way through the afternoon, Andrew Oldham left Studio 51 and headed down Charing Cross Road. Opposite Leicester Square tube station he saw Paul McCartney and John Lennon getting out of a cab. The two Beatles were on their way back from a Variety Club luncheon and the 21-year-old Paul and 22-year-\old John were probably a little drunk.

Oldham hurried over to talk to them and soon all three were on their way back to the basement rehearsal room. Less than half-an-hour after John and Paul’s arrival, the Rolling Stones had a new single.

Bill Wyman – From “Rolling With The Stones“, 2003

John and Paul ran through “I Wanna Be Your Man” for us. Paul, being lefthanded, amazed me by playing my bass backwards. Brian tried slide on it, which sounded great. It was amazing – the Beatles were No 1 in the chart with ‘‘She Loves You” and we went off that night to play the Ricky Tick Club for £67.

Bill Wyman – From “Rolling With The Stones“, 2003

We came up with “I Wanna Be Your Man” – a Bo Diddley kind of thing. I said to Mick, “Well, Ringo’s got this track on our album, but it won’t be a single and it might suit you guys.” I knew Mick was into maracas, from when we’d seen them down at the Crawdaddy.

John Lennon – From “Rolling With The Stones“, 2003

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