Leave My Kitten Alone

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Anthology 1 (2016 remaster)

Streaming • Released in 2016

2:57 • OuttakeA2016 • Take 5. It was at ten o'clock, when Abbey Road regulations stated that sessions were supposed to end, that the Beatles began Leave My Kitten Alone. This had been a 1959 R&B hit for Little Willie John, covered in 1960 by Johnny Preston, both versions entering the Billboard US Hot 100 in January 1961. The Beatles taped five takes of Leave My Kitten Alone before deciding that the last was the best and so adding overdubs ... but that's where they left it. The recording was never mixed down for release on Beatles For Sale and was destined to remain unissued for more than 30 years - until now.

Paul McCartney :
Bass, Piano
Ringo Starr :
Drums, Tambourine
John Lennon :
George Harrison :
Lead guitar
George Martin :
Norman Smith :
Recording engineer

Session Recording:
Aug 14, 1964
Studio :
EMI Studios, Studio Two, Abbey Road