Mr. Moonlight

Written by Roy Lee Johnson

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Anthology 1 (2016 remaster)

Streaming • Released in 2016

2:48 • OuttakeC2016 • Takes 1 and 4. The version on Beatles For Sale was a remake, taped at EMI on 18 October, but four unreleased takes were recorded on 14 August, and a combination of One and Four is presented here. The first broke down after John's laudable attempt at the shouted introduction. "Nearly!" commented Paul, a wry smile in his voice, as he encouraged his band mate to have another crack at it. Take 4, only the second complete run-through, lacked the organ track that distinguished the October remake, but George's guitar solo in the bridge proves that experimentation with new and different sounds was now a definite quest.

George Martin :
Norman Smith :
Recording engineer

Session Recording:
Aug 14, 1964
Studio :
EMI Studios, Studio Two, Abbey Road