Cut Across Shorty

Written by Marijohn WilkinWayne P. WalkerUnreleased song

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This song has been recorded during the following studio sessions

Recording "Get It"

Feb 24, 1981

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Song facts

Cut Across Shorty” is a song written by Marijohn Wilkin and Wayne P. Walker, made popular by Eddie Cochran. It was the B-side of his number 1 UK hit “Three Steps To Heaven“, in March 1960.

In 1987, Paul McCartney recorded “Cut Across Shorty” as part of the sessions for his Choba B CCCP album ; this performance remains unreleased. However, a fragment appears on a medley of several songs from the “Choba B CCCP” sessions, which leaked online in April 2010, presumably from cassettes from the legacy of former Wings roadie Trevor Jones, auctioned off by Christie’s in 1998.

Paul also played this song during the rehearsals for his 1991 “Unplugged” concert. This rehearsal was officially broadcast as part of the 1995 Oobu Joobu radio show.

If I’ve got an acoustic guitar in my hand, I tend to play certain types of songs. It all comes from playing to my own kids, although there’s a slightly different set of songs that I have for them. They used to ask me to play guitar when they were going to bed and I’d just sit there for five or ten minutes, to send them to sleep, playing things like ‘Cut Across Shorty’, the Eddie Cochran song, which I nearly did for Unplugged. I have a little batch of songs like that, for kids or for when I’m on my own or at a party, and they tend not to be songs I’ve written but from my teenage years, when I used to sit at home and practice. I used to learn ‘Pink Champagne’ so that if anyone asked if I could play a solo, I’d say, ‘Well, do you know “Pink Champagne”?’ They’re little relics from my teenage years, really.

Paul McCartney, from Club Sandwich 55/56, Winter 1990/91

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Now a country boy called Shorty
And a city boy named Dan
Had to prove who could run the fastest
To win miss Lucy's hand
Now Dan had all the money
And he also had the looks
But Shorty must have had something, boys
That can't be found in books

Well, a-cut across Shorty, Shorty cut across
That's what miss Lucy said
Cut across Shorty, Shorty cut across
It's you I wanna wed

Now Dan had been in training
A week before the race
He made up his mind Ol Shorty
Would end in second place
And Dan with his long legs a-flyin'
Left Shorty far behind
And Shorty heard him holler out
Miss Lucy, you'll soon be mine

But Shorty wasn't worried
There was a smile upon his face
He knew that he was a-goin' to win
'Cause Lucy had fixed the race
And just like that old story
About the turtle and the hare
When Dan crossed over the finish line
He found Shorty waiting there


Choba B CCCP - Ultimate Archive Collection

Unofficial album • Released in 2016

0:50 • Studio versionA • Part of 1st "Choba B CCCP" medley used for promotional purposes.

Session Recording:
July 20th 1987 or July 21st 1987
Studio :
Hog Hill Studio, Rye, UK

Session Mixing:
Aug 20, 1987

Unplugged (The Official Bootleg) - Ultimate Archive Collection

Unofficial live • Released in 2016

1:58 • Studio rehearsalL3

Session Rehearsal:
January 1991
Studio :
The Barn, Hog Hill, Rye, UK

Unplugged - The Rehearsals

Unofficial live

1:49 • LiveL3

Session Rehearsal:
January 1991
Studio :
The Barn, Hog Hill, Rye, UK

Good Times Comin'

Unofficial album • Released in 1994

2:21 • Studio versionL1

Session Recording:
Oct 30, 1980
Studio :
Pugin Hall, Tenterden, Kent, UK

Oobu Joobu Part 10

Unofficial album • Released in 1995

1:59 • Radio showL3

Session Rehearsal:
January 1991
Studio :
The Barn, Hog Hill, Rye, UK

Live performances

“Cut Across Shorty” has been played in 1 concerts.

Latest concerts where Cut Across Shorty has been played

'Take It Away' promotional video filming

Jun 23, 1982 • United Kingdom • Borehamwood • Elstree Studios


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