From Head To Toe

Written by Smokey Robinson

Album This song officially appears on the From Head To Toe / Night Time 7" Single.
Timeline This song has been officially released in 1966

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Recording "From Head To Toe"

Late October 1966

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Song facts

From Head To Toe” is a song written by Smokey Robinson, and released on “Going to a Go-Go“, the first album by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, in 1965.

In 1966, The Escorts, a Merseybeat band formed in October 1962, decided to record a cover of the song. Paul McCartney contributed to the record, playing the tambourine, but also helping with the recording process, as explained in this article by Bill Harry.


OFFICIALLY it is quite right to call PAUL McCARTNEY co-producer of THE ESCORTS’ next disc, which is being released on Columbia on December 2nd. Manager Roger Stinton tells me: “We went to Maximum Sound Studios in the Old Kent Road and started recording in the late afternoon. Things didn’t seem to be going too well recording-wise, although the boys spent about four hours routining.

“We then decided to take a break for a meal — and PADDY CHAMBERS made a call to Paul McCartney. The result was he wanted to come down to the session, so we picked him up. He listened to what we’d recorded, then made several suggestions and took over at the controls. We were amazed at the results. Paul virtually engineered the ‘A’ side — and he actually picked up a tambourine and joined in on the actual recording.”

Roger has been responsible for launching many top artistes for various organisations — and he’s delighted with the opportunity of really going to town on the promotion of his own group. Incidentally, he wants me to point out the fact that although Paddy Chambers is now a member of the group, few people are aware of the change because it hasn’t been widely publicised.

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Oh, well, now you're the girl I'm simply mad about
Oh yes, I'm really glad it's been me. Oh yeah
I hope that you've been getting ready
'Cause I'm gonna ask you to go steady with me
I got two eyes that happened by ya
And when they saw you, they said they knew you were fine
I got two lips that long to kiss you
And when they speak, they say they wish you were mine

Hey, sweet baby, oh don't you know that I am yours from head to toe
Oh, I got a little heart inside me beating
And when it speaks it keeps repeating your name all the time
You better watch out 'cause of what I say
Cause baby, don't you know that I ain't playing a game?

Hey, sweet baby, oh don't you know that I am yours from head to toe
All the way down from the top to the ground, sweet baby

I got two legs and I got two feet that always take me to your street
Everyday, all the time
No matter which way I try to go, my legs and my feet
They seem to know the way

Hey, sweet baby, oh don't you know that I am yours from head to toe
All the way down from the top to the ground. Hey, sweet baby
I am yours from head to toe. Sweet baby

Officially appears on

From Head To Toe / Night Time

7" Single • Released in 1966

Studio versionA

Paul McCartney :
Performed by :
The Escorts

Session Recording:
Late October 1966
Studio :
Maximum Sound Studios, London, UK

Live performances

Paul McCartney has never played this song in concert.


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