Is It Raining In London

Written by Paul McCartneyHamish StuartUnreleased song

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Keep Coming Back To Love

Officially appears on C'Mon People

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Song facts

“Is It Raining In London” is an unreleased track found in the documentary Movin’ On. This was a film shot in 1993 covering the recording and tour for Off The Ground

Angelo Badalamenti worked with Paul at Abbey Road in Late 1992 for a great unreleased song ” Is it raining in London ” co written with Hamish Stuart.

‘Is It Raining In London?’ remains unissued at present. Co-written by Hamish and Paul, it was included in Movin’ On because the orchestral overdub session for the track took place (at Abbey Road in December 1992) when most of the shooting for the TV documentary was being done, in the run up to the New World Tour.

[…] At present, the recording is only 80% complete, with the definitive lead vocal from Hamish Stuart (the song’s main composer, although it is a joint work with Paul) still to be added. The song will then be issued by Hamish on one of his own albums.

From Club Sandwich N°78, Summer 1996

See Luca Perasi’s book for an interview with Angelo Badalamenti

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4:52 • Studio version • Hamish Stuart Live

Live performances

Paul McCartney has never played this song in concert.


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