Liverpool Lou

Written by Dominic Behan

Album This song officially appears on the Sold Out Official album.
Timeline This song has been officially released in 1975

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Song facts

“Liverpool Lou” was another massive hit for The Scaffold. That is linked with the recording of the McGear album.

It was. The BBC telly wanted The Scaffold to do a sketch with the actress, Rita Tushingham and Derek Guyler. They said “Can you sing the song for us? I couldn’t come up with a song. I was working with our kid and Wings in Strawberry and said “Have you got any ideas for a Scaffold song? I’m doing this telly.” He said “Oh, you wanna do Liverpool Lou.” I said “No, it is too folky, too Spinners.” He said “No, just listen to it.” It was very old and had been around for centuries in Liverpool. I had forgotten how it went and certainly didn’t know the words. I said to BBC telly people “Could you get me a song called Liverpool Lou?” They sent me two versions. One was by Dominic Beehan and the other was by Delaney and Bonnie. Scaffold tried to trad arrange ‘Liverpool Lou’ but Dominic Beehan had got to it before us and copyrighted it. He got all the writing credits and all of the money for Liverpool Lou. The other version by Delaney and Bonnie was absolute magic. Our kid heard those two opposites and said “You want to go in the middle there.” He did it, he made that song. That is just Wings with in the middle of ‘Liverpool Lou’, a 10CC gizmo. That’s the weird sound in the middle.

The Godley and Creme invention.

That’s right. It’s hard to play but I think our kid played it. Norm Yardley does the gob iron on Liverpool Lou, I was with him the other night. Nice track.

Mike McCartney / McGear – From The Strange BrewMike McGear McCartney – The Strange Brew, 2016

Scaffold’s latest single ‘Liverpool Lou’ released on May 3rd on the Warner Bros. Label. Record No. K 16400. It’s an old song, credited to Brendan Behan’s brother, Dominic. Paul produced and arranged it. In the middle there’s a gizmo solo, it’s a new instrument invented by Lol Creme and Kevin of 10CC, who partly own ‘Strawberry Studios’. There are only two gizmos in the world

From Wings Fun Club newsletter N°1, 1974
From Liverpool Echo – May 11, 1974

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Officially appears on

Sold Out

Official album • Released in 1975

2:56 • Studio version

Paul McCartney :


McGear - Ultimate Archive Collection

Unofficial album • Released in 2015

2:59 • Studio version

Live performances

Paul McCartney has never played this song in concert.

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