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Released in 1998

Oriental Nightfish

Written by Linda McCartney

Last updated on November 10, 2020

Album This song officially appears on the Wide Prairie Official album.

Timeline This song was officially released in 1998

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From WogBlog:

Oriental Nightfish” was a song composed by Linda McCartney during the “Band On The Run” sessions, and was recorded on October 4th, 1973 by the Wings trio, Paul, Linda and Denny Laine. It made it’s official debut as the soundtrack to an animated movie of the same name, directed by Linda McCartney and Ian Eames. The film ran at the Cannes Film Festival in May of 1978, and was finally available officially when it was one of the bonus videos on the 1984 children’s video cassette, “Rupert and the Frog Song“. Many kids got scared by the haunting, dramatic song and the stark imagery of the video, which may or may not be the reason why it was missing on the official McCartney Music and Animation Collection DVD. The song itself was finally released on the posthumous Linda McCartney album “Wide Prairie” in 1998.

From Wide Prairie liner notes:

Recorded with Wings up at the old Air London Studios, Linda’s dramatic vocal harks back to the Fifties and Sixties when strange stories were told by acts like The Shangri-Las, The Coasters, and others. It was made into an excellent animated film by Ian Eames which was later objected to by some lady writing to a newspaper to complain about the nudity and it’s effect on her 5 year old child. A female figure is seen naked, yes but come on! – it’s only a harmless drawing, the likes of which have been on view in museums around the world for centuries.

Paul McCartney


It was a Thursday night

I was working late

When I first caught sight

Of the Oriental Nightfish

The colors were swirling

The room was getting hotter

I couldn't see anything

Emerald blue purple red

I was working late

When I first caught sight

Of the Oriental






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Paul McCartney has never played this song in concert.

Paul McCartney writing

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