Paul McCartney meets Yoko Ono

October 1966

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Yoko met me before she met John. She turned up for a charity thing, she wanted manuscripts, any spare lyric sheets you had around. Ours tended to be on the backs of envelopes and to tell you the truth I didn’t want to give her any. They were very precious to me and the cause didn’t seem so great. So I said, ‘Look, my mate might be interested,’ and I gave her John’s address, and I think that’s how they first hooked up, and then she had her exhibition and stuff and then their side of the story started to happen.

Paul McCartney – Interview with Q Magazine, 1986

Yoko later claimed that she did not know who the Beatles were at that time, but she had been to visit Paul McCartney the previous week, trying to get him to donate an original song manuscript to John Cage’s collection of modern music scores. Paul said he wanted to hang on to his manuscripts, but that John might give her one. As soon as Lennon came into Indica, Yoko took his arm. They got on well; John was obviously impressed with her, and she was very taken with him. When it was time for Lennon to leave, Yoko tried to get into his car, forcefully demanding that John take her with him.

Barry Miles – From “In The Sixties“, 2003

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