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October 1966

Interview for The Beatles Monthly Book

Beatles Talk - October 1966

Press conference • Interview of The Beatles

Last updated on August 5, 2023



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On tour with THE BEATLES during the summer months, FREDERICK JAMES recorded a series of press conference excerpts. From those tapes he has transcribed some of the highlights in question and answer form for this new series of BEATLES TALK features.

Q: How do you feel about a fashion model receiving an award higher than yours from the Queen? 

GEORGE: She, if you are referring to Mary Quant, deserves it.

Q: Do you think happiness is egg-shaped?

RINGO: It depends how the egg is cooked.

Q: Have you seen The Beatles TV cartoon shows?

RINGO: Yes. It’s O.K.

PAUL: It’s fun but it’s not really like us. It’s not meant to be realistic.

Q: I should like to ask John if he’s written any good books lately.

JOHN: I’ve written about 20 pages but that won’t make a complete new book. I’ve got a lot more to do. I’ll have another go in November. 

Q: Is it true that John went around London in a gorilla suit?

JOHN: No, that was a film called “Morgan”! I’ve got a gorilla suit which I’ve worn about twice to frighten a few people but it’s too hot.

Q: Being a group of four people and becoming famous so young how have you managed to evolve as separate personalities?

PAUL: The main thing is that although we are four people with a group image we don’t take that bit of us too seriously. We’re still individuals.

Q: Do you mean all the lyrics you write or are they just meant to be funny?

PAUL: We mean them as lyrics but if we write “we all live in a yellow submarine” it doesn’t mean we do.

Q: Who is Eleanor Rigby? I read she’s a real person you know. 

PAUL: No, she isn’t. It was just a name. It was nearly going to be Daisy Hawkins. She’s not a real person – just imagination. 

Q: Will the Beatles be inactive while John is on location for his motion picture? 

JOHN: I’m only doing it because we’ve got a holiday. I wouldn’t do the film if we had any work arranged for September and October.

Q: In the past you’ve shaped trends in music, hair and clothing styles. By commenting on Christianity are you attempting to influence attitudes towards religion?

PAUL: If you’re going to comment on a thing you must be trying to do something. Any comments we make are meant to be helpful. They’re not meant to be offensive or destructive in any way. They’re meant to be particularly trendy – just healthy discussion.

Q: I notice that Brian Epstein is sitting up on the platform with you gentlemen. After all these years how are The Beatles and Brian getting along aside from financial considerations? 

JOHN: We all get along fine, you know.

PAUL: We’re all good friends. 

GEORGE: If we weren’t he wouldn’t be sitting on the stage with us.

Q: Have you got a lead part in the movie you’re doing, John?

JOHN: I wouldn’t like to take a lead part. 

Q: Will they put your name in the credits? 

JOHN: Oh yeah-it’s big enough to get mentioned!

Q: Your boy is a year old, Ringo. What kind of gift does he want?

RINGO: How do I know? He’s not talking yet! 

Q: George, what profession would you have entered if The Beatles had been unsuccessful?

GEORGE: I’d have just been an unsuccessful guitar player, I imagine.

Q: (From fan club member in New York,. holding up small glass frame with very elaborate wooden framing around it). Paul, do you recognise this leaf? Somebody said it came from your front yard.

RINGO: We can’t keep a check on all our leaves, you know. They just blow about. 

PAUL: Yeah, I’ve lost a leaf.

JOHN: It’s Paul’s leaf 

PAUL: Yes, it’s probably my leaf.

Paul McCartney writing

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