Recording "Mellow Yellow"

Early October 1966 • For Donovan

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the Mellow Yellow / Sunny South Kensington 7" Single.
Trident Studios, London, UK

Some songs from this session appear on:

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I used to invite Paul McCartney to many sessions, even though, as I say, Mickie was worried that the experimental sounds we were making all through 1966 would leak over into Beatles albums. But we were all absorbing each other’s music so fast that it didn’t really matter. Record releases were pretty well continuous then and often only months would pass before the Beatles, the Stones, or myself released another.

Paul came into the “Mellow Yellow” session and, contrary to what people say, he did not sing the “whisper vocal” that goes “Quite rightly.” I sang this piece and Paul joined in on the “party” parts. (Paul and I did play together on other stuff, notably in Apple Studios with Mary Hopkin.)

Donovan – From “The Hurdy Gurdy Man“, 2005

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Songs recorded


Mellow Yellow

Written by Donovan



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