Interview for The Beatles Monthly Book • June 1966

Beatles Talk - June 1966

Press interview • Interview of The Beatles
Published by:
The Beatles Monthly Book
Interview by:
Frederick James
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Another in the special series in which FREDERICK JAMES lets his tape recorder listen in on informal conversations between John, Paul, George & Ringo


PAUL: Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To Saturday Club, Happy Birthday To You!

GEORGE: What’s all that about? Didn’t we do all that before?

PAUL: That was for last time. They’ve got another birthday in June. 

GEORGE: We can give them “Paperback Writer” for a birthday gift.

PAUL: In the studio with me right now, folks, is that well-known West End man- about-town Mr. George Harrison, cooperator of London’s latest swinging-winging discotheque, Sibylla’s. Tell me Mr. Harrison is it true that you and your club-owning colleague Mr.Alan Freeman will only admit people to the exclusive new Sibylla’s Discotheque if they are carrying with them at least 200 jumbo-sized packets of a well-known washing powder?

GEORGE: No, that’s absolutely untrue. We will accept 200 packet tops – people don’t need to bring the actual washing powder with them unless they want a bath or anything.

PAUL: You will, in fact Mr. Harrison, be selling baths at Sibylla’s then? 

GEORGE: That’s perfectly true.

PAUL: Some of the baths will have. actual toes or whole feet lodged in the taps?

GEORGE: I wanted that to be a surprise actually. 

PAUL: Well, Mr. Harrison, I’m sure it will be just that.

GEORGE: Thank you.

PAUL: And now we have a card here. from a Mr. Brian Mathew who says “Please will you play any Beatles record for me on the special celebration edition on Saturday Club’ on June 4”. Well, we’ll be happy to do that Brian. It so happens we have our equipment here- pass me that record player, George-so here we go with “Paperback Writer”. 

GEORGE: There’s a rumour going round that The Rolling Stones will retire if The Beatles get to Number One with “Paperback Writer”. 

PAUL: Yes, I know Ringo’s putting that one round. Of course it’s quite true.

GEORGE: Really?

PAUL: Yes, Mick told me so himself. 


PAUL: I think he said they’d retire in 1997. Something like that.

GEORGE: Good. I’ll record “Paint It Black” as a multi-tracked sitar solo in 1998. For our Christmas Fan Club Record. And you can hold me to that, folks!

PAUL: Well, isn’t it time we started packing?


PAUL: Well, not really. But we’re supposed to say things like that when we’re going on tour. It makes it all sound very topical you see. 

GEORGE: You’ll be a year older before we leave for Germany. 

PAUL: So I will. You can send in a record request to “Saturday Club” for my birthday.

GEORGE: What do you want them to play? “Paperback Writer”?

PAUL: No, no. Don’t make it look like a plug thing. Ask them to play “Rain” 

GEORGE: Happy Birthday for the 18th Paul

PAUL: Happy “Saturday Club” for the 4th, George!

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