Interview for BBC Radio • Monday, May 2, 1966

Interview for BBC Radio's Saturday Club

Radio interview • Interview of The Beatles
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BBC Radio
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At 5pm, at the Playhouse Theatre, London, The Beatles record a special interview intended for the celebratory 400th edition of the BBC Light Programme Saturday Club …

Brian Matthew “You don’t perform on radio, television or anything.”

Paul: “Of course we do.”

George: “We spend more time on recording now, because we prefer recording.”

Brian Matthew (on their new album) “When is it gonna be finished?”

George: “It should be finished in about two or three weeks time, really, that is because, if it’s not, then we won’t be able to get another holiday. Anyway, we’ll never be able to get another holiday in before we go away again.”

Paul: “If we don’t get it done soon, we’ll lose our jobs!”

Brian: “Can you disclose any secrets about this LP? Have you introduced any unusual musical instruments this time?”

John: “No!”

Brian “You can’t use a sitar again because everybody’s using it.”

John: “Yes we can.”

Ringo: “Well, it’s like saying you can’t use a guitar because everyone’s using it.”

George: “Yeah, I play sitar on another track, but I don’t care if everyone’s using ‘em, you know, I just play it because I like it.”

Brian: “What do you know about your (upcoming) American tour?”

George: “We’re going to fourteen different places.”

Paul: “We’ve got an hour’s holiday in the middle of it.”

Brian: “Are you doing Shea Stadium in the middle of it?”

John: (humorously) “Yeah, because some of the audience couldn’t get out from last time. They’re still in there!”

From New Musical Express – April 22, 1966

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