“Paperback Writer” and “Rain” broadcast on The Ed Sullivan Show

Sunday, June 5, 1966

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Officially appears on Paperback Writer / Rain (UK)

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Rain (Version 1 - Colour)

1966 • For The Beatles • Directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg

Paperback Writer (Version 1 - Colour)

1966 • For The Beatles • Directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg

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On May 19, 1966, The Beatles, director Michael Lindsay-Hogg and Tony Bramwell as producer gathered at EMI Studios, Studio One, in Abbey Road, to film promotional videos for “Rain” and “Paperback Writer” for the Ed Sullivan Show in the US. They also recorded a personal introduction to Ed Sullivan with their faces hidden behind coloured transparent plastic sheets, and Ringo declaring:

Well, I’m sorry we can’t be there in person, you know, to do the show, but everybody’s busy these days with the washing and the cooking… and er, we hope you like it… and, er, one’s called “Rain” and one’s called “Paperback Writer”.

Ringo Starr

The two videos were broadcast on this day, June 5, 1966, on The Ed Sullivan Show.

From Recording of Paperback Writer and Rain Videos / Follow-up to For No One – The Beatles History (beatles-chronology.ru)


THE BEATLES began filming a colour insert for Ed Sullivan’s U.S. TV show yesterday (Thursday) at a London studio, where they are also telerecording inserts for use next month in British TV shows! John, Paul, George and Ringo are doing both sides of their forthcoming single for the sequence which will be the highlight of the Sullivan Show on Sunday, June 5.

Late on Wednesday, because of New York commitments, Ed Sullivan cancelled plans to fly to London to appear with the Beatles in the film they were making for him.

The Beatles are almost certain to be seen (on film) in BBC-1’s “Top Of The Pops” on June 9 — the day before the record “Paperback Writer”/“Rain” is issued in Britain. Negotiations are taking place for a different insert to be used in ABC-TV’s “Thank Your Lucky Stars,” possibly on June 18 (19th in London), but the NME understands that Rediffusion is not prepared to make an exception in its policy of not using filmed items on “Ready, Steady, Go !”


A spokesman for ABC-TV’s “Eamonn Andrews Show” said that there had been no negotiations between its producer and Brian Epstein for the Beatles to make an appearance in the programme, in connection with the release of the new single.

Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers, as well as Peter and Gordon, will join the Beatles on their German concerts next month at Munich (24th), Essen (25th) and Hamburg (26th).

The Beatles’ Far East dates have all been brought forward by one day, and their concerts at the 33,000-capacity Budo Kan Stadium in Tokio are now on June 30, July 1 and 2. Their performance at Manila’s national football stadium will be on July 4.

From New Musical Express – May 20, 1966
From New Musical Express – May 20, 1966

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