Interview for BBC Radio • Monday, May 2, 1966

Interview for BBC Radio's Pop Profile

Radio interview • Interview of Paul McCartney
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BBC Radio
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an individual interview with Paul, for the BBC Transcription Disc export series Pop Profile, is carried out by Brian Matthew …

Brian “You’ve attracted a fair amount of publicity of late by attending unusual sorts of concerts and plays and things, haven’t you?”

Paul McCartney: Yeah, well, it’s funny that, you know, because it’s a drag that it does attract that funny kind of publicity, because the only reason I’m going is not the way that people seem to think of it in the newspapers and things. I mean, in one of the newspapers, they wrote up that I went to see this composer and I’d heard some of his music and a bit of it was electronic, quite interesting. It sounded all new and everything and I went along, and then the newspapers wrote it up, ‘No wonder he was there. It was about electronic music.’ It was a drag, you know, because that’s the trouble, you get put in a pigeonhole.

[…] You know, Indian music, whenever you get on an Indian channel, you know, when you’re fiddling through the radio, I always just used to turn it off, and George got this big Indian kick and he’s dead keen on it, you know. We’ve been round to his house a couple of times and he plays it, and, er, it’s so boring. No, no, it’s good, you know, and you sort of hear millions of things in it that I’d never realised were in it …

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