New Musical Express reports Paul McCartney considers to release a maxi-single

Saturday, September 18, 1971

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Paul McCartney is considering cutting a maxi-single for release prior to the debut album by his new group, which is due out in mid-November. The tracks for the single would be recorded specially for this purpose, and would not subsequently be included on the LP. Paul is understood to be anxious to give record buyers full value for money and, in view of this, his London office is investigating the maximum amount of playing time it is possible to condense on to a single. Paul may even decide to make it 33 rpm single, in order to give buyers the longest possible duration.

Shelley Turner, Paul’s London representative, told the NME that the album is now in the mixing stage and that Paul and Linda are interested in the maxi-single “because of the high cost of records today” – they are likely to write some new numbers for this purpose in the very near future.

Paul has decided against issuing his current American single “Uncle Albert / Admiral Hasley” – in Britain. This is because both titles are from the “Ram” album, and he does not want to “keep selling the past.”

On the subject of Paul’s new band making live appearances, Shelley said: “Linda’s baby is imminent, and once it has arrived and Paul is free from the Beatles contract, he can go ahead. There will quite definitely be no appearances with the Beatles – his whole head is turned towards the new band.”

From New Musical Express, September 18, 1971
From New Musical Express, September 18, 1971
From New Musical Express, September 18, 1971

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