Birth of Stella McCartney

Monday, September 13, 1971
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King's College Hospital, London, UK

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Stella McCartney, the second child of Linda and Paul McCartney, was born on this day. From Wikipedia:

McCartney was born on 13 September 1971 at King’s College Hospital in London, the second child of American photographer Linda McCartney and former Beatle Paul McCartney. She is named after her maternal great-grandmothers (both of Linda McCartney’s grandmothers were named Stella). As a little girl, McCartney travelled the globe with her parents and their group Wings, along with her siblings: older half-sister Heather (who was legally adopted by Paul McCartney), older sister Mary, and younger brother James. According to her father, the name of Wings was inspired by Stella’s difficult delivery. As his daughter was being born by emergency caesarean section, Paul sat outside the operating room and prayed that she be born “on the wings of an angel”. […]

In early August 1971, Paul McCartney’s new band had been announced in the press, without any name given. Stella’s delivery inspired Paul to name it “Wings”.

When Linda gave birth to Stella there was a complication: something called placenta previa. She had to have a Caesarian and stay in hospital to recover. To be supportive, I stayed there with her, sleeping in a little camp-bed. It had been such a touch-and-go thing, such a drama, that I was imagining angels’ wings. And I thought, ‘That’s a nice image – WINGS. I wonder if there’s been a band called Wings?’ That’s how the name came about, in King’s College Hospital, in London, as we recovered from the birth of Stella. So Wings became the name.

Paul McCartney – From “Wingspan: Paul McCartney’s Band on the Run“, 2002

I was thinking angelic thoughts, because of the emergency we’d just been through. And the vision of an angel with big wings came into my mind. I thought, ‘Wow, Wings, that’d be good’ [with no ‘the’] Yeah, maybe to avoid The Beatles.

Paul McCartney – From “Wild Life – Archive Collection“, 2018

How about Wings of Angels?” Paul asked Linda. “Or Wings of Eagles?” “How about just Wings?” Linda suggested. “It’s got a nice sound to it.” She felt that the single-word groups were easier to remember and could have many meanings, as with the Beatles. Thus, Wings was born.

From “Band on the Run: A History of Paul McCartney and Wings” by Garry McGee, 2003

Baby Beatle for Paul and Linda

EX-BEATLE Paul McCartney announced yesterday that his wife Linda, 27, had given birth to their second child. The three-week premature birth last Monday was kept secret to avoid fans waiting outside the hospital. Paul, 27, said last night: “Our new baby Stella looks like her mum – she’s blonde and beautiful.”

From Sunday Mirror – Sunday 19 September 1971
From Sunday Mirror – Sunday 19 September 1971
From Paul and Linda McCartney with newborn daughter Stella, September 17, 1971 Stock Photo – Alamy – Paul and Linda McCartney with newborn daughter Stella, September 17, 1971
From Disc And Music Echo – September 25, 1971
From Paul McCartney with Stella McCartney at King’s College Hospital, | Lot #4206 | Heritage Auctions ( – Paul McCartney with Stella McCartney at King’s College Hospital, London, September 1971, Gelatin Silver 16″ x 20″ Contact Photo by Linda McCartney. Vintage gelatin silver semi-gloss double-weight 16″ x 20″ contact photo (from 35mm negatives) of Paul McCartney with newborn Stella McCartney at King’s College Hospital, London, September 1971, by Linda McCartney. Printed later. From the collection of Shepard Sherbell. Fine, with creases at the lower right corner and bumped lower edge. Comes with a COA from Heritage Auctions.

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