Birth of Mary McCartney

Thursday, August 28, 1969


Mary McCartney, the first child of Linda and Paul McCartney, was born on this day. From Wikipedia:

[Mary] McCartney was born at Avenue Clinic in London on 28 August 1969 and named after her paternal grandmother Mary McCartney. She is the first biological child of Paul McCartney of the Beatles and photographer Linda Eastman McCartney, and Linda’s second child. McCartney has an older sister, Heather McCartney who was born Heather Louise See on 31 December 1962 to Linda and Joseph Melville See Jr. and adopted by Paul McCartney […]

The most famous photograph of McCartney was taken by her mother; it is a photograph of her in 1970 as a baby, peeking out from inside her father’s jacket. The photograph is featured on the back cover of her father’s first solo album, McCartney.

As our relationship solidified and we really started to feel very confident with each other, it was a question of ‘Well, shall I get off the pill then?’ and we talked about that, and I said, ‘Yeah!’ I don’t know why. It wasn’t like planning a family, it was more ‘If you like. We could see what happened. If anything happened. That would be all right.’ Then Mary was on the way, it was definitely not planned. And we decided, round about that point, to get married.

Paul McCartney, in Paul McCartney: Many Years From Now, by Barry Miles, 1998
Photo of Mary McCartney on the back cover of Paul’s first solo album, “McCartney”
From – A vintage black and white snapshot photograph of Paul McCartney and Mary McCartney that was taken by Linda McCartney on 28th August 1969. The photograph comes from the collection of Paul and Linda’s former housekeeper Rose Martin. The photograph measures 12.75cm x 9cm (5 inches x 3.5 inches). The condition is excellent.

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