Jane Asher leaves for a five-month US tour with the Old Vic

Friday, January 13, 1967

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On this day, Jane Asher, Paul McCartney’s girlfriend at the time, and her mother, Margaret, flew to Boston to start a five-month tour across North America with the Bristol Old Vic Theatre. The first performance of the tour took place in Boston on January 16. In April 1967, Paul took a ten-day holiday to visit her in Denver. Jane returned to London on May 29, 1967.

On the inauspicious date of Friday 13 January 1967, Jane flew to the United States with the Bristol Old Vic for a four-and-a-half-month theatrical tour. Paul was not at Heathrow to see her off. ‘The trouble is I don’t think Jane really wanted to leave me,’ the star complained to a reporter from the Daily Sketch who called at Cavendish to ask what was going on. ‘She signed for the trip about mid-year when it seemed a good idea, but when it came to the crunch it didn’t seem such a good idea. Anyway she’s gone and I’m sitting by myself.’ Even if Paul had been a man who liked his own company, which he wasn’t, there was no way he was going to spend four and a half months alone. He was going to have his mates round, pick girls up, drink, take drugs, leave his clothes where he dropped them and the dishes unwashed. He was going to enjoy the bachelor life.

From “Fab: An Intimate Life of Paul McCartney” by Howard Sounes, 2011

Jane left Britain on January 16, 1967, for a three-month tour of America with the Old Vic. Paul, at a loss without her companionship, threw himself into his work at the Abbey Road studios, where the Beatles were hard at work on their new album, now entitled Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. The Beatles started work on the album in December, and Paul insisted that all work be finished in time for him to surprise Jane in America on April 5, her twenty-first birthday.

From “The Love You Make: An Insider’s Story of the Beatles” by Peter Brown and Steven Gaines, 2002

From Paul and George attend Donovan’s concert at the Royal Albert Hall – The Beatles History (beatles-chronology.ru) – Jane Asher at London’s Heathrow Airport.

Cupid Picks Off Bachelor Beatle

Actress Jane Asher was quoted today in London as saying she and Paul McCartney — the only unmarried Beatle — are deeply in love. “I want to get married, probably this year, and have lots of babies.” she said, prior to leaving on a tour of the United States with the Bristol Old Vic Theater Company. “We won’t be getting married in America or anything like that,” she said. ‘‘I want our wedding to be in England with my family and everyone.”

From Boston Globe – January 13, 1967
From Boston Globe – January 13, 1967

No Paul… so Jane’s mother sees her off

Actress Jane Asher (above), 20-year old friend of Beatle Paul McCartney, leaves Heathrow Airport today for the start of a five-months’ tour of America with the Bristol Old Vic Repertory Company. She will be appearing in Romeo and Juliet.

But Paul McCartney was not at the airport to say goodbye. Instead, Jane was seen off by her mother and 18-year-old sister Claire.

Last night Miss Asher said: “I love Paul. I love him very deeply. And he feels the same…” Asked when they plan to marry, she said today: “We don’t know yet. It depends on a lot of things.”

From Evening Standard – January 13, 1967
From Evening Standard – January 13, 1967

Paul is missing as Jane flies out

There was no sign of Beatle Paul McCartney at London Airport, this morning, when his red-haired actress girlfriend, Jane Asher, flew off for a five-month tour of the U.S.A.

Last night, the 22-years-old Jane and Paul had a candlelit eve-of-departure supper together at his St. John’s Wood home, near Lord’s cricket ground.

But when she left London with the Bristol Old Vic Repertory Company to tour with their production of “Romeo and Juliet,” she was seen off by her mother and 18-year-old sister, Claire. Asked about yesterday’s announcement that she and Paul planned to marry soon, Jane said: “There is nothing definite yet apart from what I have already said.” When would they name the day? “We don’t know yet. It depends on a lot of things,” was all she would say.

From Liverpool Echo – January 13, 1967
From Liverpool Echo – January 13, 1967

OFF TO AMERICA—Red-haired Jane Asher, 20-year-old girl friend of Beatle Paul McCartney, talks with her mother before leaving London’s Heathrow Airport. Miss Asher is in the U.S. for a five-month tour with the Bristol Old Vic Company. She said she had no wedding plans arranged, following her statement last week that she and Paul were deeply in love. (AP Wirephoto via cable from London)

British Actress Says No Plans Yet To Marry

BOSTON (AP) — British actress Jane Asher says she doesn’t know “when or if I’m going to get married” to Beatle Paul McCartney. McCartney’s pretty 20-year-old girl friend met newsmen at Logan Airport Friday night and denied a London report of an impending marriage with the singing star.

Miss Asher, on her first trip to the United States, is with the 40-member Bristol Old Vic Company for a 17-week tour of 17 cities. She plays the feminine lead in “Romeo and Juliet,” one of three plays by Shakespeare to be presented by the company. It opens Thursday at Boston’s Shubert Theater for a three-day run.

From The Daily Advertiser – January 17, 1967
From The Daily Advertiser – January 17, 1967

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