Wings Fun Club newsletter #3 published

June 1973

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The Paul McCartney and Wings Fun Club was formed in late 1972. Between 1973 and 1976, the club issued some newsletters which would later evolve into the Club Sandwich newspaper. These early newsletters were either in the form of typed foolscap folio (20.3cm x 33cm) sheets or A5 (14.8cm x 21cm) booklets. Most of these were quite amateurishly done and sent out irregularly. Various MPL employees compiled them, Lucy then Nicky then Sue Cavanaugh, without forgetting Claire who launched the idea of an unofficial Wings fan club, wrote a first unofficial newsletter and contributed to the very first official ones.

My sincere thanks to Andy Weal, one of the early members of the Wings Fun Club, who helped us put together the club’s history and provided copies of some artefacts.

From Record Collector – June 1997:

[…] Club Sandwich grew out of the plain, typewritten newsletters issued by the Wings Fun Club in the early 70s, which itself developed from an unofficial fan club run by a long-forgotten McCartney devotee known only as Lucy. A girl called Claire took over the Wings newsletter in 1973, and with the blessing of McCartney’s MPL company, she launched the Paul McCartney and Wings Fan Club via MPL’s Soho Square address that year. The inaugural issue coincided with the release of “Red Rose Speedway”, and the initial membership fee was just 50p, for which fans were promised a newsletter every four to six weeks.

The first despatches were foolscap-sized, mimeographed affairs. Back in ’73, the innovation of photographs had yet to be adopted, but members were kept informed about such subjects as the James Paul McCartney TV special (the report on which suggested that “The Long And Winding Road” was edited from the final version), the recording of “Red Rose Speedway”, Wings’ first tour, the group’s visit to Marrakesh, plus a candid report on Paul’s bust for growing marijuana plants for which, revealed Claire, the ex-Beatie was fined £100. Early club offers included an exclusive Wings badge, which featured a red bird on a white background. Yours for just 12p.

For the second issue of the newsletter, MPL’s address was replaced with a more discreet P.O. box number, and the title of the organisation was amended on McCartney’s recommendation to Wings Fun Club. Official news was bolstered by fans’ letters and comments, plus a personal ads section in which eager readers requested back issues of The Beatles Book (“will pay 8p per copy”), and McCartney’s soundtrack LP for The Family Way (“will give £1”). Bootleg tapes of Wings’ 1972 university tour were also avidly sought after, and adverts soliciting them were frequently published.

By issue five, the newsletter had become an A5-sized magazine, edited by a surname-free girl called Nicky. It was still produced on the cheap, and although photographs had started to creep in, the magazine remained black-and-white. The editorial content too continued to be frank: after the unexpected departure of Wings’ members, Denny Seiwell and Henry McCulloch, Linda McCartney revealed that there had been “no row” between them and the rest of the group. “We didn’t really know Henry,” she observed, “and he didn’t know us.” The mag proved its point by reporting with some dignity on the deserters’ post-Wings activities. Among the new Club offers was a selection of Wings biros available in red, green, blue, mauve and pink – priced at 6p each.

In 1974, the Fun Club magazine turned more professional-looking, with a glossy, black-and-white cover, and generous offers to buy 10″ x 8″s of Wings’ floating line-up. At this stage, editor Nicky was joined by American MPL employee, Sue Cavanaugh, and to this day, Sue remains – notionally at least – in charge of Club Sandwich.

The last A5 Wings magazine was produced in December 1976, and was stuffed with reports of that year’s American tour, plus a multitude of club offers including a “Helen Wheels” poster at 55p, T-shirts at £1.70, and a trio of tour programmes: Europe 1972 at 30p (now worth £10), U.K. 1975 at 50p (now £25) and U.S.A. 1976 at £1.50 (£30). […]

From Record Collector – June 1997

In June 1973, the third newsletter was sent to members of the “PAUL McCARTNEY AND WINGS FUN CLUB”. It mainly covers the 1973 Wings UK tour, with brief concert reviews from club members.

Dear Friends,
Hello and thank you to all of you who have written to me, telling me your thoughts on the latest Wings activities – the TV show, the album and the tour. They all seem to have gone down really well from everyone’s point of view. I’ve printed a few of your letters further on, those of you who have written but not had your letter printed, please don’t be disappointed, I enjoyed reading ALL of them and have just printed a selection.

A PLEA FROM PAUL AND LINDA: Please could those of you who hang around their house, not do it so much? Much as they love to see you, and appreciate your eagerness, they do also want a little privacy and would be really happy if you could be patient enough to wait until a concert to see them. Thanks.

Another tour has now been fixed up for July, mainly covering the dates that had to be cancelled last time, the dates are as follows: Sheffield City Hall (July 4th); Stoke on Trent Trentham Gardens (July 5th); Birmingham Odeon (6th); Leicester Odeon (9th); and Newcastle City Hall (10th). […]

Guess by now, most of you have the new single, with its nice summer sound on the back – sung by Denny Laine.

Many of you have asked for autographs, but with so many requests it just makes the task impossible, so no more requests please, oh and may I remind you that when you write with a query you should state your membership number, and enclose an SAE. Thanks.

The tour went down excellently, and I don’t think there was one venue that didn’t end with a standing ovation and everyone shouting and stomping for more. I saw the shows at Liverpool and London and both had an incredible atmosphere about them. Surprisingly tho’ I think the audience were even wilder at the Hammersmith than they were at the ’home town’ venue – but instead of continuing with my ideas let me print some of your views:


’’Here is Denny Laine, do you know him?” ’’Yeah” and before we could say any more the rest of Wings came in behind him. I always laugh at the teenyboppers screaming, but I will admit I was one of them for that night. (Sorry Henry and Paul who tried in vain to stop us.) I was up in the Gods and nobody looked up there, but were we moving?! Half way through Paul said ”What do you want now?” Everybody yelled different things and then I yelled ”Hi Hi Hi”. He turned around and spoke to Henry and then came back saying ’Hi Hi Hi’. Coincidence!?

All too soon they go off, now everyone is on their feet, shouting, yelling – so back they come for one more song.

Off again. Now the noise is deafening, but the curtain goes down and the lights go on, Wings come back, Paul with his arm around Linda, he says goodbye, and it really was the end. I really think ALL the audience enjoyed the show, especially the variety. The cuddle time in ’My Love’ contrasting with the good old rock music… Sian Strang.


’Wings Fly High in Bournemouth’ by Sue Bagg

The 15th started off in bright sunshine and warmth. I had been a fan of the Beatles for 10 years, but never actually witnessed a live performance. Once inside the pace hotted up, the first band, Brinsley Schwarz came on and played some really good numbers. There was an interval followed by a juggling act. By this time I had reached fever pitch. – ’’Wings” – Everyone clapped, screamed and whistled.

The curtains opened and Wings walked on. They went into their opening number and then rocked into ’Big Barn Bed’, I stared at Paul in disbelief, the sound Wings were getting together on stage far surpassed any recording! Seaside Woman, written by Linda, and I was flooded with happiness … but it had to end … it seems like a dream looking back, even tho’ I know I saw Paul McCartney and WINGS!!!

Last Tuesday I and three friends went to see Paul and Wings at Bournemouth. As soon as the band walked on stage, the applause was deafening, as it was after each of the numbers they performed. It was the first time I had seen Paul live, and he looked much slimmer and sleeker than I had imagined. Linda, too, looked much prettier; the camera does not do her justice! I thoroughly enjoyed every second of the concert. Denny L’s. version of ’Say you Don’t Mind’ makes Colin Blundstone’s look positively anaemic. All the numbers were superb, ending up with ’The Mess’ and ’Hi Hi Hi’ which really got the audience on their feet. When Wings came back on stage to do ’Long Tall Sally’ everybody was joining in, Paul belting it out in his inimitable rocker voice. Too much!

Robert Shaw


I was lucky enough to see Wings at the Hardrock on the 17th, what a fantastic group they are! I find it hard to explain the terrific atmosphere which was created. Wings rocked all the way and it was really great. All the numbers sounded superb, ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ was really amazing. When everyone had HI HI HI blasting out the roof nearly came off! Everyone was stamping all the way. ’’Hope you come back soon, ’cos we’re waiting for more, thanks for a really great time”

Alan Fielding


… When the compere re-appeared the audience was by now expecting Wings to come on, but a poor acrobatic duo assisted by a poodle appeared. The latter receiving the well deserved applause. Five minutes later… “Live on stage, Paul McCartney”, the applause was overwhelming. The first number I hadn’t heard before, then Paul announced “Big Barn Bed”. The sound was impeccable. ‘When The Night’ with really ‘Beatlish’ harmony followed. The next song – ‘Wild Life’, and then Linda’s own ‘Seaside Woman’. Paul then remarked that it was strange him being on stage, he said “I used to be up there, watching Cliff!”

My Love, equally as good minus strings, got audience approval on the opening notes.

The Mess gave Linda a chance to play melotron. Bloody fabulous song. Within 10 seconds girls were dancing in the aisles, within 20 seconds everyone had rushed forward to the front and the atmosphere was fantastic.

Wings came back for an encore of Long Tall Sally and that was the end. As we saw daylight, we saw the queue of fans waiting to go in for the second show, and told them how super the concert was. Their memories were yet to come, mine are never to be forgotten. Wings have taken off. Long may they fly, Hi, Hi, Hi.

Wings in Preston:

On arrival at the Guildhall we found amps being wheeled in and this raised our hopes tremendously, – just as those hopes were fading what should roll up but a silver/grey luxury coach with Denny S., Denny L., and Henry and they asked US(!) where the Bull and Royal Hotel was. Almost speechless we gave them directions and followed them. Of course the obvious happened and we got their autographs, and when we asked when Paul was arriving Denny S. replied ”tomorrow Perhaps!”

Whilst recovering from our stroke of luck one of the bunch shouted ’’He’s herel”, and our first sight was a beaming smile from Paul, with Stella in his arms. – Now to the concert, after a friendly nod from Paul (you see we had told him where we were sitting), the concert began. I could go on for ages about this, but I’ll just say it was the best day of our lives, it was really tremendous, we only wish the ceiling hadn’t cracked, because apparently we missed 3 more numbers.

Nice one Wings, and when are you coming again? – Get on the right thing – Michael Dagge


… Brinsley Schwarz were good, the ’acrobats’ were, well, unexpected, – I began to wonder if I’d gone to the right place, but when Wings came on all was forgiven. They were terrific, congratulations and thanks to the group for a fantastic performance. Fiona Robertson

London, Hammersmith:

… The greatest weekend of my life…, it started on 26th May in the Hammersmith Odeon. Wings came on at about 9.30 p.m., and made the audience swing from the start. At the middle, Linda and Paul were just marvellous singing ‘Seaside Woman’. I was very impressed by Linda, without her voice the song would have been nothing. Paul was better than I had ever heard him. Coming to the end of the concert Paul sang ‘Hi Hi Hi’ – (for Lord Longton!) and everyone got up, cheered and sang. It was just great to hear everyone enjoying themselves so much. Paul and Wings have got a good thing going and they deserve to be the tops. The lighting, clothes, audience reaction, and group, were all perfect and I’ve never enjoyed myself more.

Then to top my great Saturday, on Sunday I bought BBS, it is the best record I have ever, heard, especially: Big Barn Bed, My Love, When the Night, Hands of Love … Anyone who hasn’t got the album better hurry up.

Paul and Wings are nothing like the great Beatles now, and Paul may as well be unknown, because he doesn’t need to be an ex-Beatle to help him. Linda despite all the bad things said about her, was fantastic. – When is the next London gig? Caroline Feeney

My friend and I so enjoyed the Friday concert, that we borrowed some money and got some £1.50 tickets for Sunday. Both concerts were equally brilliant, but we could see much better on Sunday, and we also noticed Elton John and Rod Stewart in the audience. Both evenings started off slowly with numbers like ’Big Barn Bed’, ’My Love’, and ’When the Night’, and warmed up with ’Live and Let Die’, and finished with fast numbers: ’The Mess’, ’Say You Don’t Mind’ and ’Hi Hi Hi’. After a great deal of clapping, they played their encore LTS. Both evenings after their encore they received a standing ovation and had to come back to explain that they had no more songs to play! This was a great disappointment to everyone, but we can’t complain … M.C. Carney.

Nice to know you all enjoyed the shows so much. The first number of the concert is named ’Soily’, it had to be left off the LP simply because there wasn’t enough room, the same happened to Linda’s ‘Seaside Woman’, (which many of you were greatly impressed by), but these numbers, along with ones like ‘I Would Only Smile’ will probably be on the next album. […]

Wings instrumentation: (used on the tour)

Paul: Bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric piano, vocals
Linda: Electric piano, melotron, vocals
Henry: Lead guitar
Denny Laine: Second guitar, bass guitar, vocals
Denny Seiwell: Drums, percussion and brass […]

The number of club members is rising fast since the issue of the album, already we have well over 1000 members and just a couple more weeks and I’m sure the figure will stand at least 1500.

Members thoughts on the TV special!

I was thrilled when I saw the ’James Paul McCartney’ film on TV the other day. I found the personality piece on each member of the group really funny – especially Linda’s. – Jacqueline Kirk.

In my eyes the TV film was great. It was so good that my friends who were really against Paul and Wings are now all saying to me ’I didn’t like Wings, but I must say that was impressive’. I liked the pub scene best, oh yes, at the very end when Paul sang ’Yesterday’ – my dad said ’Oh no, not Paul McCartney again!’ but I saw him look over the newspaper! – Yet the next day I read an article ’Why Wings failed to take off’, and said how bad the show was!? – Gillian Maxim

I thought the TV special was really good, despite what some critics thought about it. I asked about 20 people (friends and work mates) what they thought, and all except one enjoyed it. I also asked three older people what they thought of it and they enjoyed it too, so I think the critics must be really out of touch with what the majority of people like. I hope it won’t be long before we see Paul and Wings on telly again.

I would like to thank Paul and Wings very much for the TV spectacular. I thought it was fabulous and only regretted that we haven’t got a colour TV. My favourite scene was the one where Paul, dressed in an evening suit and platforms was dancing with those male/female dancers! Really a great idea, and Paul is a better dancer than I thought. The piece where they were playing football was very funny and the scene where Wings played to a live audience was just fantastic!!! – Joan Lauson

Fans thoughts on Red Rose Speedway:

Red Rose Speedway must go down as one of the best LP’s of 1973, not only tracks like ’One More Kiss’, ’Little Lamb Dragonfly’ and ’Power Cut’ – to name just three of the pure McCartney magic numbers, but also the superb packaging with pics and words. In fact the whole album is overflowing with brilliant tracks and soothers like ‘My Love’ and ‘Single Pigeon’. – Andrew Weal […]

More mail from fans: […]

Mere words can’t possibly express how wonderful the concert was at Green’s Playhouse, 24th May. I haven’t enjoyed myself so much, ever, and the proof of this is in the bruises on the palms of my hands, with applauding so hard. The black and blue marks are still on my hands, looking quite horrible, but I don’t care, I only want to know when I will get the chance to do the same again! I didn’t hope for one minute that they would achieve live the tremendous sound they do on record. But I was pleasantly surprised for if anything they’re even better live.

My interest in Wings which only started last summer was primarily because of Paul McCartney ex-Beatle, and at that time I would’ve been delighted at the prospect of a reunion. But now having heard Wings more I would indeed be very sad if a Beatles reunion destroyed the brilliant music and rapport that Wings have built up over the past year. Personally I think whatever the Beatles had together couldn’t ever be recaptured and I think that Wings are too good to sacrifice in the attempt to recreate it. A year ago I wouldn’t have believed I could say this, but I sincerely hope the rumours of a Beatle get together aren’t true. Wings are great now, but this is just the beginning, I think they’ll get even better. – Anne Campbell

Well there you are, that’s about the latest run down of WINGS from everyone’s light that point of view – and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PAUL, keep following the light that shines.

A sincere thank you to all of you who sent Paul cards and presents – they were all passed on.

Smile Away


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