Club Sandwich N°1 published

February / March 1977

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From Record Collector – June 1997:

[…] The Club Sandwich which McCartney fans now know and love was launched in early 1977 for a subscription of £2.50. From the outset, Paul and Linda McCartney oversaw the magazine’s design and production. “The whole concept for Club Sandwich was theirs,” reveals Sue Cavanaugh. “When they decided to change the look of the fan magazine, they had the whole thing already in their heads; they knew exactly how they wanted it to look.

McCartney himself had decided that the publication should be different from that of his contemporaries. “He wanted to make it just like a newspaper,” reveals designer Roger Huggett, “and he asked me to prepare a couple of broadsheet formats. He didn’t want a tabloid size and he didn’t want shiny paper.”

In the early days of Club Sandwich, there was nobody else to do things, really,” says Paul in the latest issue, “We didn’t have an editor, as such, so I was very involved, writing headlines, captions, articles. Everything around that time was more funky, home-made.

Paul’s day-by-day activities were then still being covered by the weekly music press, and the earliest issues, therefore, tended to be picture-led, with extended captions providing the text. But as the old guard was swept away after the advent of punk, Club Sandwich slowly found itself becoming the last bastion of Macca news (at least until 1979, when Mark Lewisohn began his diary of events in the relaunched Beatles Book). […]

From Record Collector – June 1997

Denny’s album, Holly Days, has a projected February/March release date, with the single, Moon Dreams/Look at Me set for the week before.

Recorded at Rude Studios in Scotland, it consists of 10 tracks of well-known Buddy Holly songs mixed with some less familiar ones. Produced and arranged by Paul, who also does the backing tracks, it has a fresh, home-like simplicity reminiscent of the McCartney album, creating effects with the minimum of equipment.

The arrangements are a fusion of Holly and McCartney. There will be a contest voucher in each album featuring a prize of a fortnight’s holiday for two. A single was previously released to coincide with Buddy Holly Week — It’s So Easy/Listen to Me — which is also included in the album.

ALAN, THE CROWD’ CROWDER is a familiar face around both the Wings office and wherever the band is working, being the basic link man from management to band. His position is Management Executive for MPL, dealing not only with day-to-day practical problems of the band, both in the studio and on tour, but also acting as vital coordinator of all the administrative stages in the making of records. He is also an expert in international copyright and recording.

Married, with two kids (Paul 13, Francesca 9), he worked his way in the music business from the sleeve department at Decca to being label and production manager and international co-ordinator at MCA records, where he was one of the people to spot the potential of Jesus Christ Superstar. He joined MPL (Wings’ office) three years ago, during which time he has been on the road with them on their world tour. “It’s been very Interesting,” says Alan, “but to quote Paul: ‘No matter how hard things are sometimes, it’s better than working for a living’”

‘The Crowd’ Is always good for a cryptic comment on the band, “I’m not saying Joe’s mean, but I went around to his flat one day recently, and there he was stripping the walls of the wallpaper. What’s this, I said, doing your own decorating? ‘Decorating?’ says Joe, ‘I’m moving’.”

Seen celebrating her birthday last year in Venice, Linda is watched by Stella and Mike McGear’s wife, Angela. The photograph was taken by an “Unidentified Object” at the next table, who was willing to help out.

Buddy Holly Week Lunch

At the Buddy Holly Luncheon, the Orangery, Holland Park – September 7, 1976

Left to right: Brian Brolly, MPL; Douglas Maxwell, G. Whizzard; Roy Featherstone, MCA; Brian Mulligan. Music Week; Peter Robinson, MCA; Howie Casey, Wings; Nick Nickola. UPI; Paul Winn. MPL; Alan Crowder. MPL; Tony Bramwell; Mrs. Tony Prince; Ray Coleman. M.M.; Roy Carr. N.M.E.; Tony Prince, Radio Luxembourg D.J.; John Gould, EMI; Tony Brainsby; Patti Harrison; “Unidentified Object”; “Unidentified Object”; Mrs. Vi Petty; Trevor Jones, MPL; Roger Taylor, Queen; Brian May, Queen; Elton John: Joe English, Wings; David Munns, EMI; Kevin Godley, 10cc; John Deacon, Queen; Eric Stewart, lOc.c.; Steve Harley; Michael Appleton; Yvonne Keeley; Paul Gambaccini, B.D.C. D.J.; Phil Manzanera. Roxy Music; Graham Gouldman, 10cc. Shirley Natanson. EMI; Paul Watts, EMI; Eric Hall, EMI; J. J. Jackson. U.S DJ.; “Unidentified Object”; Bob Mercer. EMI; John Beecher. Buddy Holly Fan Club.

Sealed, left to right: Christine Mackie, MPL; Eric Clapton; John Reid; Denny Laine. Wings; Joanne Laine; Norman Petty; Paul McCartney; Linda McCartney; Lol Creme. 10cc.; StephenBishop; Jane McKay; Andy McKay. Roxy Music; Sharon Manzanera; Adrienne Hunter, E. G. Management; Sue Thompson; Pauline MacLeod, Daily Mirror; Paul Thompson, Roxy Music; Ann Gillham, MPL; Ian Meldrum, Australian DJ.

Missing was Alan ‘Fluff Freeman who was busy tickling the photographer

Cardew Robinson and Patricia Hayes as the hippie couple in the TV commercial for Wings Over America, directed by Paul at Elstree Studios and shown on nationwide television over the Christmas period.

Jimmy McCulloch pictured during a recent photo session, was persuaded by photographer Clive Arrowsmith to don Scottish native costume, but somehow we don’t think he will win many prizes at this year’s Highland Games.

One of Humphrey Ocean’s drawings from his Wings Over America sketchbook. He has compiled an illustrated diary of his travels with the band, to be published later this year. In this corner of each issue we will be hoping to reproduce illustrations, works of art etc. and your contributions will be welcomed.

In Sea-Saint Studio New Orleans, during the recording of Baby Face with the Tuxedo Brass Band, for the closing of the as yet un-released film by David Litchfield, One Hand Clapping. Left to right: “Unidentified Object,” Paul, Herman Sherman, Allen Toussaint

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