Wings '80 Japan tour cancelled

Thursday, January 17, 1980

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Paul McCartney being jailed for possession of marijuana since the previous night, promoters logically decided to cancel the 11-dates Japan tour. The dates of the tour were to be:

  • January 21st, 1980 Tokyo, Japan Budokan
  • January 22nd, 1980 Tokyo, Japan Budokan
  • January 23rd, 1980 Tokyo, Japan Budokan
  • January 24th, 1980 Tokyo, Japan Budokan
  • January 25th, 1980 Nagoya, Japan Aichi-ken Taiiku-kan
  • January 26th, 1980 Nagoya, Japan Aichi-ken Taiiku-kan
  • January 28th, 1980 Osaka, Japan Osaka Festival Hall
  • January 29th, 1980 Osaka, Japan Osaka Furitsu Taiiku-kan
  • January 31st, 1980 Tokyo, Japan Budokan
  • February 1st, 1980 Tokyo, Japan Budokan
  • February 2nd, 1980 Tokyo, Japan Budokan

Paul McCartney spent his second night in his cell at the detention center, as prisoner number 22.

For the first three days I had headaches and nightmares, but after that I was actually getting quite a good night’s sleep, learning a little Japanese and becoming friendly with the other guys, having a laugh.

Paul McCartney, Wingspan book, 2002
From Club Sandwich n°17, 1980

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w.cordova 4 years ago

Wings would have performed Let Me Roll it, Elenor Rigby, With a Little Luck, Another Day and the rest of the 1979 UK song list already available on various online forums.

It is sad to realize that had Wings made it to the US by summer they would have likely been on the road while John Lennon was in Bermuda recording his own demos. Or maybe Wings touring the US in Fall of 1980 while Lennon and Ono were promoting Double Fantasy. It could have a great year for Lennon and McCartney but it was the end of an era with McCartney's arrest in Jan of 1980, Wings disbandment and Lennon's assassination in December of 1980.

The PaulMcCartney Project 4 years ago

Thanks @w.cordova. Indeed you're right to mention that a US tour was envisioned... 1980 started and ended as a nightmare for McCartney...

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