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Les Paul offers a custom-made Gibson Les Paul Light to McCartney

Apr 16, 1988 • Posted in “A day in the life

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From Club Sandwich N°49:

Anyone who saw the recent Channel Four documentary The Wizard of Waukesha will know the huge part played by Les Paul in the development of the electric guitar. Not only that, but he could put his amazing inventions and gadgets to brilliant, entertaining use: outside the music business, he is best known for ‘How High The Moon’, the early ’50s hit made with his then wife Mary Ford.

Earlier this year, Les had a left-handed guitar he was particularly proud of and offered it to Paul. Top-notch left-handed guitars are scarcer than left-handed teacups, so Paul was delighted to accept. Happily, Paul was going to New York and was able to accept the gift in person in May. Our picture shows Les and Paul in their best casual wear, their pleasure plain to see.

Early in our career, John and I were considering what an opening number might be. The song we decided to play instrumentally was ‘How High the Moon’ based on our love of Les and Mary’s record

Paul McCartney, from Twitter
A 1988 photo of Les Paul with Paul McCartney
From The Telegraph – Paul McCartney trying out a custom-made left-handed guitar with Les Paul, Gibson’s most famous inventor CREDIT: AP

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