Paul McCartney gives support to Liverpool’s “Bombed Out Church”

Sunday, October 5, 2014

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From, October 5, 2014:

Following the success of the Bombed Out Church’s Crowdfunder campaign the group have raised over £20,000 towards the continued opening of this iconic city venue on Leece Street, Liverpool. Dance music promoters Club Freeze were so impressed with the venue after their recent event there that they contacted Paul to let him know what is going on in his home town. This was his response,

“St Luke’s Church – better known as ‘The Bombed-Out Church’ to the people of Liverpool – is a place that encourages people to express themselves. The people of Liverpool should do everything possible to keep this venue open for the use of the people and run by the people. It is a place that is regularly staffed by students from LIPA and every-day people of all ages, religions and backgrounds. It would be a terrible shame if we lost this cultural icon.”

Paul joins Yoko Ono in praising the work being done over the last 7 years at St Luke’s. Ambrose Reynolds, the Curator of St Luke’s, says:

“It means the world for us to have the support of this international legend. The tremendous support we have received from the public means that we can continue to open the city centre ruined church for music, theatre, art exhibitions and outdoor movie screenings.”

From Bombed Out Church – a crowdfunding project in Liverpool (

St Luke’s (Bombed Out) Church, Liverpool, UK

St Luke’s is easily distinguishable as one the most accommodating and wholesome environments in Liverpool.We plan to continue its use in its current capacity, whilst developing the facilities onsite, as well as carrying out necessary structural repairs, to ensure that the space can continue to be used for the arts, and appreciated by the people of Liverpool and its visitors.

After the building’s funding was cut earlier this year, it has become difficult to keep the church running, but with your donations we can ensure that the space can remain open to the public.

From Everything Paul McCartney: Sir Paul Helping to Save Blitz Church (, October 7, 2014:

Sir Paul, of course, was born during World War II. That is turning out to not be his only connection with it.

St. Luke’s Church in Liverpool, England is the famous “bombed out church.” Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, a Liverpool native, is keen on helping to preserve it.

The church, on Leece Street in Liverpool, was built 1811 to 1832 period and was designed by John Foster Snr and John Foster Jnr, as a parish church, for Corporation ceremonial worship and a concert hall. It was burned out in the 1941 Liverpool Blitz and remains a roofless shell.

The church is still used, however, roofless derelict or not, as a public arts venue. There are outdoor film screenings, exhibitions and the like. However, funding is always a problem. It is owned by Liverpool council.

Dance music promoters Club Freeze contacted Sir Paul about helping out. Campaigners are setting up two separate, interlinked companies which would be overseen by Liverpool council, but says it is struggling to afford the cost of maintaining it.

One will work with English Heritage to conserve the Grade-II* listed church whilst the other will be a community interest company organizing arts events in the landmark space. […]

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