Denny Seiwell releases “Ram On – The 50th Anniversary Tribute”

Friday, May 14, 2021

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Denny Seiwell, the drummer on Paul & Linda McCartney’s 1971 album “Ram“, co-produced a tribute album to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release. Original guitarist David Spinozza returns to reprise his parts on the album along with Marvin Stamm who played the flugelhorn on “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey”. In total, over 100 musicians contributed to this album.

The album was released on May 14, 2021, the same day as the official 50th anniversary half-speed remastered vinyl.

From Ram On – The 50th Anniversary Tribute to Paul & Linda McCartney’s Ram – Cherry Red Records:

Ram On is a 50th Anniversary re-imagining of Paul and Linda McCartney’s seminal “Ram” album.

• Featuring three of the album’s original musicians joined by a new generation of performers, all of whom share a love of the original record.

• Co-produced by multi-instrumentalist Fernando Perdomo and Denny Seiwell, original drummer on “Ram” in 1971.

• Ram On features 100+ musicians, including original guitarist Dave Spinozza, original trumpet player Marvin Stamm, Joey Santiago of the Pixies, Davey Johnstone of Elton John Band, Will Lee, Eric Dover formerly of Jellyfish, Carnie Wilson and many more.

• Ram On also features two lovingly re-created original ‘Ram’ session tracks in the Non-Album Single, ‘Another Day’ and its B-Side, ‘Oh Woman Oh Why’.

Track Listing:

1. TOO MANY PEOPLE (feat. Dan Rothchild)
2. 3 LEGS (feat. The Dirty Diamond & Durga McBroom)
3. RAM ON (feat. Pan Sansome)
4. DEAR BOY (feat. Adrian Bourgeois)
5. UNCLE ALBERT / ADMIRAL HALSEY (feat. Bebopalula)
6. SMILE AWAY (feat. Timmy Sean)
7. HEART OF THE COUNTRY (feat. Dan Rothchild)
8. MONKBERRY MOON DELIGHT (feat. Timmy Sean)
9. EAT AT HOME (feat. Dead Rock West)
10. LONG HAIRED LADY (feat. Rob Bonfiglio & Carrie Wilson)
11. RAM ON REPRISE (feat. Pat Sansome)
12. BACKSEAT OF MY CAR (feat. Brentley Gore)
13. ANOTHER DAY (feat. Gordon Michaels)
14. OH WOMAN OH WHY (feat. Eric Dover & Lauren Leigh)


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