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What happened for Paul in 2021

As “McCartney III” was released end of December 2020, its promotion continued in the first part of 2021, especially with the release of “McCartney III imagined“, a mix of covers and remixes of “McCartney III” by other artists.

2021 marked the 50th anniversary of “Ram” and “Wild Life“. “Ram” was therefore reissued on vinyl, in May.

2021 was also pretty rich in terms of book publications:

  • Released in November, “Paul McCartney – The Lyrics” was surely the most significant release. In this book, McCartney browses us through 154 songs, from all stages of his career, and describes the circumstances in which they were written, the people and places that inspired them, and what he thinks of them now.
  • In September, Paul’s brother, Mike, published a new photography book about Liverpool in the 60s and 70s. Paul McCartney and the Beatles are well represented in this book, with previously unpublished photographs.
  • A new cooking book, co-created with his daughters Mary & Stella, was published in June.
  • The sequel to Paul McCartney’s first picture book, “Hey Grandude!”, published in 2019, was published in September under the title “Grandude’s Green Submarine“.

What else to expect in 2021 :

  • The Beatles – Get Back” movie is expected to be released in theatres on August 27, 2021. The accompanying book should be released on August 31, 2021. And it’s likely the “Let It Be” album will be reissued in a boxset.
  • The six-part documentary series created by Paul McCartney and Rick Rubin is expected to be released in 2021.
  • Should we expect another release in the Archive Collection series? The long rumoured “London Town” / “Back To The Egg” reissues would close the down the re-release of all Wings records.

(photo by Hector Dockrill – from Twitter)

Last updated on April 3, 2021

Albums Paul McCartney contributed to, released in 2021

Macca To Mecca!

By Steven Van Zandt • Official live

Zoom In

By Ringo Starr • EP

Films released in 2021

Deep Deep Feeling (Lyric video)

2021 • For Paul McCartney • Directed by Lucy Dyson

Find My Way (Visualizer - by Beck)

2021 • For Paul McCartney

Seize The Day (Lyric video)

2021 • For Paul McCartney • Directed by Lucy Dyson

Slidin' (EOB Remix / Visualizer)

2021 • For Paul McCartney

Slidin' (Lyric video)

2021 • For Paul McCartney • Directed by Lucy Dyson

Slidin' (Official Trailer)

2021 • For Paul McCartney

The Beatles: Get Back

2021 • For The Beatles • Directed by Peter Jackson

The Kiss of Venus (by Dominic Fike)

2021 • For Dominic Fike • Directed by Jack Begert


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