“Mike McCartney’s Early Liverpool” book published

December 2021

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Acclaimed photographer Mike McCartney, brother of Paul, published a new book of photography about Liverpool in the 60s and 70s. Paul McCartney and the Beatles are well represented in this book, with previously unpublished photographs.

From Mike McCartney’s Early Liverpool (genesis-publications.com):

‘I find lost photos and drawings all the time. This will be my definitive statement of a magic era.’ – Mike McCartney

In a highly anticipated signed limited edition book, Mike McCartney reveals the secrets of Sixties and Seventies Liverpool through his photography, illustrations and commentary.

Mike McCartney’s Early Liverpool brings together all of his finest work including a wealth of previously unseen photographs and treasured drawings. McCartney takes us from his very first photograph, taken with the family Kodak Brownie box camera, to experimenting with his Rollei Magic camera and finding a love in surrealism, through to capturing the Merseybeat scene in Liverpool. The venues that were at the heart of the city are all featured, including the Casbah Club, the Jacaranda Club, Hope Hall, the Tower Ballroom and the legendary Cavern Club.

The manuscript

‘Certain pictures that I’ve taken have a lovely feel to them. Both John Lennon and Sandie Shaw had this magnetism and awe surrounding them and I often wondered why. Then I worked out they were both blind as bats when they took their glasses off.’ – Mike McCartney

In a commentary that is honest, revealing and often humorous, McCartney describes growing up in a post-war Liverpool and the cultural sensation that followed. McCartney shares his love of satire, poetry and music, and his experience of being there to photograph the talent that came out of Liverpool, including his own group, the Scaffold. From The Beatles to the Fourmost, and from the Roadrunners to Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, McCartney captured the local bands as well as Liverpool’s poets and artists, including Adrian Henri, Sam Walsh and Maurice Cockrill, RA. In Mike McCartney’s Early Liverpool the incredible visiting acts that Liverpool welcomed are also celebrated, including Little Richard, Gene Vincent, Jerry Lee Lewis and Long John Baldry. With each photograph, McCartney gives a fascinating insight into the history of the vibrant city.

The collector copies

Collector Copies are numbered 351 to 2,000, signed by Mike McCartney and include a stamped 8″x10″ (200mm x 254mm) print.

Mike McCartney’s Early Liverpool is limited to only 2,000 copies worldwide, each signed by Mike McCartney.

Quarter bound in black cloth, the Collector cover features an original stencil by McCartney, created for a poster advertising an early Beatles gig at the Casbah, rendered in gold foil blocking. The Collector copies also include a double-sided 8″x10″ print (200mm x 254mm). On the front, a Kodachrome colour photograph captures John, Paul and George playing as the Quarrymen at a McCartney family celebration in 1958. A friend of the family, Dennis Littler, appears at the right of the frame. On the reverse, Mike McCartney is pictured with Dennis more than 50 years later, in 2012. The print is numbered, stamped, and is suitable for framing.

The Collector copies are housed in an archival slipcase screen-printed with a montage of photographs and original artwork.

The Deluxe Copies

Deluxe Copies are numbered 1 to 350, signed by Mike McCartney and include three signed 8″x10″ prints (200mm x 254mm).Mike McCartney’s Early Liverpool is limited to only 2,000 copies worldwide, each signed by Mike McCartney. The first 350 copies are Deluxe copies.

Fully bound in cloth with an original inset stencil, the Deluxe copies include three signed and numbered 8″x10″ prints (200mm x 254mm), suitable for framing.

The Deluxe copies are housed in a cloth-bound solander case with original artwork by Mike McCartney in gold foil blocking.

From Mike McCartney’s Early Liverpool (genesis-publications.com)
From Mike McCartney’s Early Liverpool (genesis-publications.com)
From Mike McCartney’s Early Liverpool (genesis-publications.com)
From Mike McCartney’s Early Liverpool (genesis-publications.com)
From Mike McCartney’s Early Liverpool (genesis-publications.com)
From Mike McCartney (@_MikeMcCartney_) / Twitter – Just when u think it’s a normal, posh, coffee table book, my Genesis masterpiece suddenly opens up to spread right Across! your coffee table!!…unbelievable!
From Mike McCartney (@_MikeMcCartney_) / Twitter – Another sneak preview of my magic book…guess who got number 1 Exclamation question mark ps that’s my drawing of Dad with piano..& pipe.
From Mike McCartney (@_MikeMcCartney_) / Twitter – Thank U very much for yor reactions to my amazing brand new Genesis book..very kind of yous! It’s been a LONG time coming! but when you open the Magic Box. I hope u agree..that it was worth the wait!!

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mc208 2 years ago

Genesis books are marvellous. Pity though that 99.9% of fans can't afford them. Why can't Genesis also publish a regular edition that can be enjoyed by many more people worldwide? Such a shame to limit these fascinating archives to the wealthy elite of so few people. It's also inconsistent with what The Beatles stood for.

The PaulMcCartney Project 2 years ago

Can't agree more !

Debbie 1 year ago

This looks truly fascinating unfortunately I cannot afford to buy it at this time.

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