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Paul’s biography “Many Years from Now” released

Thursday, October 2, 1997 • Posted in “A day in the life


Barry Miles, in Club Sandwich N°83, Autumn 1997:

The book essentially winds up when the Beatles break, in 1970, so this is not a full-length biography, it’s only about a very short period. There is a lot about Liverpool but it tends to be in the context of songs which arose from the Liverpool experience. If I had been writing a proper literary biography then I would have gone into Liverpool much more because, of course, childhood is very important in peoples’ lives. In fact, this is not really a biography at all, in the full sense of the word, because it’s about a part of someone’s life, not the whole. So I prefer to call it a portrait, or a portrait of a period.

Barry Miles

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The Beatles Diary Volume 2: After The Break-Up 1970-2001

"An updated edition of the best-seller. The story of what happened to the band members, their families and friends after the 1970 break-up is brought right up to date. A fascinating and meticulous piece of Beatles scholarship."

We owe a lot to Keith Badman for the creation of those pages, but you really have to buy this book to get all the details - a day to day chronology of what happened to the four Beatles after the break-up and how their stories intertwined together!


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