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1997 highlights


Interview: Paul McCartney

Nov 29, 1997 • From New Statesman

Paul McCartney Goes Classical

Nov 01, 1997 • From FI Magazine

"Standing" in the Shadow of Love

Sep 27, 1997 • From Billboard

Paul McCartney Talks about Family Life and Songwriting

Jul 08, 1997 • From The Today Show (NBC)

Gray in a Golden Voice

Jun 09, 1997 • From Time

Paul McCartney exclusive interview

Jun 01, 1997 • From Record Collector Magazine

A nostalgic slice of "Pie"

May 27, 1997 • From USA Today

Fab? If you say so, pop pickers

Apr 25, 1997 • From The Times

McCartney Turns Back the Clock

Apr 12, 1997 • From Billboard

What happened for Paul in 1997

From Twitter –┬áTaken from the ‘Flaming Pie’ issue of ‘Club Sandwich’, summer 1997. Photo by Linda McCartney

Last updated on October 13, 2018

Albums released in 1997

Flaming Pie

By Paul McCartney • Official album

Standing Stone

By Paul McCartney • Official album


The Oprah Winfrey show

Nov 20, 1997 • USA • New York • Manhattan Studio Center • TV show

"Standing Stone" world premiere

Oct 14, 1997 • United Kingdom • London • Royal Albert Hall

Music For Montserrat

Sep 15, 1997 • United Kingdom • London • Royal Albert Hall


"A Room With A View" session

Dec 12, 1997 • Songs recorded during this session appear on Twentieth-Century Blues: The Songs of Noel Coward


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