Paul McCartney contributes to “Milestones”

Tuesday, February 4, 1997


From The Beatles Monthly N°250, February 1997:

Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono are among the 20 rock artists who are contributing to Milestones, a London exhibition and auction being staged this month by the charity War Child. The charity, which runs a music therapy centre for children in Bosnia, was also responsible for the Come Together project in 1995, in which Paul also took part.

Milestones consists of artworks by famous rock stars, each dedicated to musicians who have inspired their own work. Paul McCartney has prepared a tribute to Buddy Holly, while unsurprisingly, Yoko Ono’s piece reflects the inspiration of John Lennon. Meanwhile, former Frankie Coes To Hollywood vocalist Holly johnson is revealed as a closet Beatles fan, with a piece portraying a Beatles drum skin, covered and surrounded by vintage memorabilia.

The artworks are being auctioned at a charity dinner at the Saatchi Callery in London on 4th February, tickets for which cost £20 each. They will then be on display at The Economist Building in London from 6th to 16th February.

Among the other artists participating:

Pavarotti sent a handkerchief on which he’d drawn Enrico Caruso. Graham Cox of Blur did a homage to Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd. Paul McCartney, a drawing of Buddy Holly, aged 60. Bono’s inspiration was Frank Sinatra – a music box containing Jack Daniels, shot glasses and a blue napkin. It was signed ‘To Frank, Love, Bono’. Sinéad O’Connor’s tribute was to Bob Marley. Brian [Eno] contributed his musical dedication to the Velvet Underground and David Bowie’s dedication was to the Walker Brothers.

In 1994, Paul McCartney had contributed to another similar event organized by War Child, named “Little Pieces from Big Stars“.

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