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Saturday, May 17, 1997

Interview for E! Online

Flaming Pie Webcast

Interview of Paul McCartney

Last updated on September 18, 2020


  • Published: May 17, 1997
  • Published by: E! Online


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AlbumThis interview was made to promote the "Flaming Pie" Official album.

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From the Flaming Pie website, 1997:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Tuesday, May 20, 1997


Live Global McCartney Webcast Draws Fans To Groundbreaking Interactive Event

This past Saturday, during a 30-minute World Wide Web event promoting his new album, “Flaming Pie”, Sir Paul McCartney interacted directly with his fans for the first time and attempted to answer as many of the 3,000,000 questions submitted from Web users representing over 60 countries around the world. In an unprecedented Internet event, McCartney took questions ranging from “how has being knighted changed your life” and “will you, George and Ringo ever record again” to “what are you wearing?” and “what do you really think of Oasis?”

Following the live broadcast by VH1 of Paul McCartney’s Town Hall Meeting, the pop icon took his seat beside a computer and answered 29 questions during the 30-minute event. Participants were able to chat with the legendary Beatle via custom software provided by E! Online and watch and listen via streaming video and live audio courtesy of AudioNet and Graham Technologies.

“Without having a web-based event of this magnitude to compare it to, based on our numbers and response, we are thrilled to have presented not only what we’re calling one of the best Internet events ever, but a webcast that we believe breaks new ground for how the Internet can be used as a true multimedia tool,” said Liz Heller, Senior Vice President New Media, Capitol Records.

According to Heller, the McCartney web event generated a massive response. Nearly 1 million pages were viewed and in excess of 50,000 McCartney fans participated directly in the interactive portion of the webcast. Almost 5,500 people were able to visit the chat section of the webcast, with nearly 1500 users directly able to log-on with McCartney.

Screenshot of the 1997 E! website

From lgcf: Picked up the Oobu Joobu CD this morning. Will there be more editions?

Ahhh, yeah. That was released as a radio show, but in England, we’re releasing it as the B-side of the singles.

From lisadovidas: How do you feel about teenagers buying your CDs rather than modern ones?

I feel very good about that, Lisa!

From marsie: Sir Paul, where do you keep your knighthood medal?

By the side of the bed!

From merobins: I wouldn’t go veggie for health reasons, but you make a good point about the animal rights. When did you go vegetarian?

Approximately 20 years ago, after eating leg of lamb one Sunday.

From nubeazul: I loved your concert in Buenos Aires in 1993. When are you going to come back?

Well, at the moment there are no plans for a tour, but we all enjoyed being there. If we do come back someday, we’ll stop there. Thank you for the wonderful concert!

From paulynde: How many Hofner basses do you own? Is the one you have now the original Beatles bass?

Yeah, I have one main one that I use and a backup. But in the ’60s, a couple of them got nicked [stolen], as we say in England.

From baddog: Do you listen to music when you paint? If so, what?

I don’t, actually. It’s not something I seem to need.

From stampies: Will you and George and Ringo ever record together again?

We don’t know, really. We had some ambitions to after “Free as a Bird” and “Real Love.” Ringo and I record on the new album together.

From suzuki: How were you introduced to Steve Miller?

I think it goes back to the original session at Olympic Studios, where we’d had an argumentative Beatles meeting and the session got cancelled. Steve was in the studio, so we stayed there and recorded “My Dark Hour.”

From tandrews: Did you or Frank Clarke play the bass on “Penny Lane”?

Now, Tandrews! Get serious man! ‘Twas I and not sir Frank Clarke!

From thebeatle: What happened to the 27-minute version of “Helter Skelter”?

We edited for the original version. I’m not absolutely sure. When you make these songs, you don’t keep track of the versions.

From tolliew: I’m 14 and became a fan when I saw Help! Will you possibly do another movie with that kind of humor?

Ummm, I think what you saw in Help! was Beatles humor, caused by the four of us together. So, it would be difficult to do that again. I like that bent, though. Possibly, one day.

From webbird: I’m from the Ukraine. Are you going to come to us in the future?

Well one of my ambitions has always been to play in Russia and sing “Back in the USSR.” There are a lot of people who go there to sing. I’d like to do that.

From baddog: How has being knighted changed your life?

Not a lot really, except that it’s a huge honor. We carry on just as before. It is good that I get to make my girlfriend a Lady!

From adamfry: How long did you work on Flaming Pie?

It was made over a couple of years, while we were preparing for the Beatles Anthology. I had no requirement to produce a record, so I just made tracks for fun.

From americangirl: What do you really think of Oasis?

I like the fact that they play live. I think they sing well, and, if they have to tribute anyone, I’m proud it’s the Beatles.

From arjs: What are you wearing right now?

Okay, ARJS! I’m wearing an attractive ensemble, with a feather boa, wide-brimmed hat and nylon stockings–with boxer shorts!

From bad: What would you say is the biggest difference between music in the U.S. and the U.K.?

I’m not sure there is a huge difference. You have a lot of live bands; so have we. You’ve got a lot of techno; so have we. I guess rap is the biggest difference. You are the home of rap. Though, actually, Jamaica is the home of rap.

From c_norton: What Beatles song was the most difficult to write?

The only one John and I had a problem with was “Drive My Car.” Good idea, but I had a bad set of lyrics about golden rings.

chris15: What was the first record you ever bought?

The first record, Chris, was “Be-Bop-a-Lula” by the great Gene Vincent.

chriscain: I’m 28 and an owner of a multimedia company. What advice can you give me about getting a lot of creative people to work together?

Good humor–and staying on top of it yourself, thus letting them know how it goes, and, then, giving them the ahead.

From deborahd999: What is single most important thing we can do to help animals?

Go veggie. That’s how to help them–don’t eat them.

From drhose: What is your favorite Elvis song?

I have a few, really. “Jailhouse Rock” is a masterpiece. “All Shook Up” was always a great favorite. “Love Me Tender” was another.

From drhose: In which key do you play “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore”? I really like it and would love to learn it.

E major, dude!

From gclapperton: Sir Paul, a lot of celebs are doing online stuff. Bowie’s single “Telling Lies” was available only online, and now here you are. Does the new medium excite you, particularly?

To tell you the truth, I’m not an onliner. But I think I could easily become addicted.

From hasid: I am 15, and I’m in a band. What does it take to become famous?

Talent, dude.

From heather22: Paul, do you ever sit down and listen to old Beatles albums. And, if so, how do they make you feel?

I do sometimes, yeah. And they make me feel great, because I have so many great memories of that period and the guys.

From heather22: Have you watched the whole 10-hour Beatles Anthology movie?

No, I haven’t!

Paul McCartney writing

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